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The contract's signed, and construction’s just getting underway. Like most people you’ll be interested in keeping an eye on your construction site and seeing how everything’s going. In fact, if you're like most people, it'd take an army to keep you away...


There’s quite a bit to know about how construction sites work – specifically, how much access you’re allowed to have, what kinds of things will need to be on the site and why.

If you’re demolishing an existing house (or having any serious digging done) for your foundations, you’ll need to consider things like dilapidation reports which can help protect you against claims of inadvertent damage to neighbouring properties. You might also need to consider salvage, and the possibility of saving or recycling some parts of the existing house to recover some of your costs.

Construction sites can be pretty hazardous – so even though it’s the construction site for your house, technically speaking there are limitations to how much access you’re actually allowed. This is entirely for your own safety – but if you communicate properly your builder this shouldn’t restrict your access.

Take the time to understand a little bit about how the construction process works, how the site's administered and what's going to happen from here on in.

Begin construction


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