Batman House wins 'Excellence in Use of Steel' at BDAV awards     by   Jacob Harris

11 August 2016

Sited on an ex-pastoral 1.2 hectare allotment, the rural setting offers magnificent views to Australia’s first ‘cable-stayed’ Batman Bridge. Importantly, its architectural form connects the cues taken from the distinctive landmark Bridge...

A Simple Guide to Using Safety Switches     by   Ashley Wilson

19 January 2017

We’re so familiar using electrical appliances in our homes, day in and day out that we hardly ever stop to think for a moment that they could harm us...

Know When Do You Need An Electrical Inspection & Why?     by   Ashley Wilson

18 January 2017

You’re responsible for taking care of your family and keeping them protected from all dangers...


18 January 2017

Insurance is imperative for owner builders. Unlike professional builders, owner builders are exposed to a number of medical, financial, and asset related risks that don’t affect the professional builders...

How to undo a rusted screw     by   Core Locksmith Services

18 January 2017

This isn't exactly locksmith related but it's probably helpful for most people at one time or another... A rusted screw can turn a quick and easy job into quite a headache when the head wears away. My hint is to firmly tap the screwdriver with a hammer before attempting to turn it at all...


Small Changes That Will Spruce up Your Home Instantly     by   Derek Lotts

17 January 2017

A lot of people think that renovating a home requires a lot of hard work, money and professional skills. Maybe that’s true in some cases, but there are numerous things people can do that take minimal effort and expense and still have a huge impact on the appearance and feel of their home...

Tips on How to Expand Bathroom Visually     by   Bella Vista Bathware

16 January 2017

Nowadays, bathrooms have become so much more than just a simply functional room in your house. More people are getting more and more interested in decorating bathrooms because these rooms serve as our own personal spaces...

Amp up your home’s curb appeal with a new front door     by   Jacob Harris

16 January 2017

A grand front entrance can tell a story that intrigues guests and passers-by, while also providing a glimpse into the homeowner’s interior style and adding to the value of the property...


How to get the art deco look     by   Jacob Harris

16 January 2017

By Bec Sparky Art deco interiors are making a comeback. The good news is while this style is characterised by a luxurious feel there are many ways to get the art deco look. Think bold A pop of colour can bring an art deco flair to your home...


Bought a House and Land Package? 3 Essential Pieces of Advice     by   Jayde Ferguson

13 January 2017

House and land packages are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to create a home you love and gain a tangible asset. Whether you’re looking to invest or simply craft your first home the way you want it, the benefits can be priceless for buyers and renters alike...

Clever Hacks for Organizing Your Space     by   Derek Lotts

12 January 2017

No matter how big your living space is, you could always use more room for storing stuff. Even the most organized people often lack storage space because of all the clutter they’ve collected over the years...

Safety Matters: 5 Benefits of Installing Security Windows      by   Jayde Ferguson

12 January 2017

The humble security screen – also known as the fly screen, has long been a staple of many Aussie households...

Selecting the Right Sink for a Small Bathroom     by   Bella Vista Bathware

09 January 2017

Selecting the Right Sink for a Small Bathroom If you have a limited space in the bathroom, nothing to worry about. It’s a common problem for many homeowners, given that most bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house...

Maintaining Your Apartment Building     by   Derek Lotts

05 January 2017

Maintaining any commercial structure is never easy. Such is the case with apartment buildings too, and having one of your own means you will have to put a lot of effort into it, because there are people actually living in these units...

Why Your Bathroom Smells Like A Sewer & How To Fix It?     by   Daniel Martin

03 January 2017

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and wondered from where that awful smell is coming? Bathrooms should be neat and hygienic, but at times they can generate a bad odour. The major reasons why your bathroom smells like a sewer is mentioned below with the remedies to fix them...

Home Entertainment Predictions For 2017     by   Selby Acoustics

30 December 2016

With the New Year in full swing, home entertainment has become more advanced than ever before. From virtual reality to voice control and video streaming, you no longer need to leave your home to be entertained! So what can we expect in the year when it comes to everyone’s favorite home gadgets?...

Small Space Storage Solutions for Stuff You Can't Throw Out      by   Derek Lotts

30 December 2016

Smaller apartments tend to get messy and unorganized much faster than large ones. This is especially true for those who have a large wardrobe or like to keep a lot of memorabilia and other trinkets around...


Matching wall paint when patching a damaged wall.     by   Andrew Bounader

28 December 2016

Good Morning, I had an enquiry sent through from someone looking to match paint on a wall they had patched, after reading some of the responses I felt I should offer the following advice, as this is what most painters will do in a similar situation...

What Is an Offset Mortgage?     by   Austin Max

27 December 2016

Having to pay off your mortgage early could be possible by having an offset mortgage, that is usually marketed as a way for having to pay off mortgage as soon as possible...

Does Your Home Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?     by   Derek Lotts

19 December 2016

If you want to give your home a fresh look without having to break the bank, applying a new fresh coat of paint to it is a great idea. Still, there’s no need to do so if there’s nothing wrong with the paint on your walls...



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