Batman House wins 'Excellence in Use of Steel' at BDAV awards     by   Jacob Harris

11 August 2016

Sited on an ex-pastoral 1.2 hectare allotment, the rural setting offers magnificent views to Australia’s first ‘cable-stayed’ Batman Bridge. Importantly, its architectural form connects the cues taken from the distinctive landmark Bridge...

Useful Tips To Protect Your Home From Power Surges     by   Ashley Wilson

22 February 2017

Today, almost all appliances in our houses are powered by electricity, which means that they are all vulnerable to damage by power surges...

Home Extension Builders are Very Important - Why?      by   Nouveau Homes

22 February 2017

Conservation is a state of harmony between people and land due to increasing level of population. Scarcity of land is seen all over the world...

Lighting your patios in a perfect way!     by   Bronwyn Stewart

22 February 2017

One of the benefits of having a patio is to have a place to relax after a long day or just simply spending time with family. There are a variety of lighting designs that you can use in your patio, remember proper lightning can provide warmth, comfort, and relaxation space for you to take a break...

Concrete facts and fairy tales.     by   Building Inspection Service

21 February 2017

A great article from our friend Andrew Boundader at Building and Pest Inspections Albury Wodonga. Concrete facts and fairy tales. By A Bounader – Building Inspection Service Once Upon a Time…....

You Bought a Fixer-Upper? 7 Things You Need to Know     by   Derek Lotts

21 February 2017

Since buying a perfect home is time and money consuming, many people decide to settle for a fixer-upper, considering the price is significantly lower, and they have the opportunity to build their dream houses...

Building regulations regarding termite control systems are changing on the 1st of May 2017.     by   Andrew Bounader

18 February 2017

To help clarify some of the confusion over the impending changes to Termite treatment for new buildings from the first of May 2017 and what it means to any new construction from that date, here is information provided by the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association and what they have to ...

Tips To Help You Select The Best Speaker Stands     by   Steven Lam

15 February 2017

The lack of perfect speaker stands leaves purchasing and setting up the finest home theatre speakers incomplete. A good audio system comprises of multiple speakers of different types and is a must for ever music or movie lover in Australia...

Summer colour trends     by   Jacob Harris

14 February 2017

This summer, interiors will be inspired by a global flavour with a combination of adventurous and exotic colours marking the season. According to Dulux, the colour trend for summer 2017 will encompass warm, deep hues such as red, burgundy and orange...


Bathroom Trends for 2017     by   Jacob Harris

13 February 2017

The bathroom is a highly intimate place where we both begin and end our days - spending a little time on ourselves to help prepare for the busy day ahead and reflect on the day just passed...

Buying a home? Who should I get to do my building inspection? How do I make the right choice?     by   Andrew Bounader

08 February 2017

Subfloor drainage problems, not found during an inspection After reading a post online about a problem with a home inspection and recently being involved in a home that had active termites in the walls and roof space I was compelled to write about how do you decide who to get to do your inspections ...


What are the Probable Causes of a Leakage in the Toilet?     by   Daniel Martin

06 February 2017

It is easy to figure out what could be the cause of a leaking toilet. Below are some of the probable causes of leaking toilet: A defective flapper A bad float A faulty fill valve A faulty fill tube A defective flap In most cases, a faulty flapper is the reason behind the leak...

6 hazards associated with rooftop safety     by   Wesley Lacroix

01 February 2017

This is one of the few aspects of constructional work that is potentially life threatening. A lot of us simply shrug off the hazards, but being constantly aware of them at all times while on the job is the smart thing to do...

Property investment via SMSF – what do I need to know?     by   Momentum Wealth

31 January 2017

Property investment via self-managed superfund (SMSF) has seen many changes in the market over the past 10 years. So what do investors need to know when buying an investment property via their SMSF? SMSFs have grown in popularity with property investors over the past decade...

How to Refresh the Look of Your Old Kitchen in 7 Steps     by   Derek Lotts

30 January 2017

Our kitchen is the place where we generally spend a lot of our time. It is supposed to be a place we love, cherish and enjoy, not a place we tolerate. Here are 7 things you can do that can give your kitchen a new life it needs...

5 Things Guests First Notice When They Step into Your Home     by   Derek Lotts

30 January 2017

Depending on several crucial factors, first impressions can turn into lasting, positive notions or become nothing more than bad afterimage. When it comes to living spaces, there are many elements that potentially deserve our attention...

6 tips to keep your air conditioner cooling as it should     by   Jacob Harris

30 January 2017

A poorly maintained air conditioner needs to work much harder to keep the home cool during the hotter months, particularly after running a reverse cycle air conditioner throughout winter. Over time, a significant volume of dust accumulates on the filter...


500 new colours from Dulux     by   Jacob Harris

30 January 2017

For the first time in a decade, Dulux has introduced over 500 new colours to its range for Australian and New Zealand design professionals, launched as Dulux World of Colour Series II...


2017 interior design trends forecast report     by   Jacob Harris

30 January 2017

Trends we can expect to see more of this year include new forms of tiling, revamped feature walls, a rise in wine cellars, more matte black finishes and marble surfaces along with greater demand for galley kitchens...

Win an automated garage door opener!     by   Jacob Harris

30 January 2017

BUILD, together with Chamberlain, is giving readers the chance to win a PowerLift MyQ garage door opener valued at $599! All you have to do is go to BUILD to answer this simple question: What qualities should a good garage door have?...



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