The construction process


Building a house is a pretty complex process, but once you understand the different stages involved, it's not difficult to get a good idea of exactly what's happening. Once you have a fair understanding of the process, it becomes quite clear what’s already been done, and what remains to be finished. This in itself is good way to keep an eye on how everything's moving along.


Even though the process will differ slightly depending on the materials and products you’re using, the basic stages of building a house are pretty consistent. First, the foundations are established and the subfloor’s built. Then the framing’s taken care of, and the roof’s put on. Then the external cladding goes on, then the plumbing and electrical services are put in, and the internal linings are put up.

From there, it’s a matter of fitting out your interiors and the many small details that complete the house (which, when you think properly about it, can be quite a bit of work).

Use the articles below as a basic guide to the different stages of a house build, what they involve and where they sit in relation to the overall process.

The construction process

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