Final inspections and handover


Almost there! Once the house is 'complete', there's still the matter of making sure everything's exactly as it should be, and settling on final payments. As hard as it might seem, it's very important to keep your feet on the ground at this point to make sure everything's perfect.


The final handover of a new home involves inspecting the work that’s been done on the grounds of workmanship, and on whether what’s been delivered is what’s specified in the contract. By this stage there’ll be no doubt in your mind about the fact that building a house is a pretty complex operation, so if you haven’t already decided to do so, it may be a good idea to hire a building consultant to help with your handover inspection.

A well-trained set of eyes will spot things you wouldn’t consider looking for – and can also help to point you in the right direction if any disputes or misunderstandings about contractual issues do arise. This is also the stage at which your final payment will be due to the builder, and understanding how best to manage that will help to ensure that everyone finishes and parts on good terms.

Read our articles below to learn more about how final inspections and the handover stage work.

Final inspections and handover


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Carol Peck

This does not cover an owner builder that is the actual builder this only covers having a builder do the work. An owner builder has a certain amount of time to finish work so they can move in after final inspections.

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