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bathroom underflowing

I am planning a reno/extension - should i put cement sheeting (19mm) as underfloor structure in bathroom, then waterproof and tile
can I use yellow tongue, 6mm cement sheeting on top and waterproof?

should I use cement sheeting on the walls for tiling or is Aquacheck plasterboard (13mm) suitable for wall tiling?

thanks so much Jonathan

Question by Jonathan Zion

Soundproofing levels

Hi there,

Question by Olga Robson

Water damage during construction

We are building with a project Home builder and there was a delay with the brick layer. So rather than wait until the exterior walls were in place, they carried on and we now have alll the gyprock walls and ceilings In place without exterior walls.
In mid dec 17
They put wall insulation and the green wrap around the lower floor. The upper levels have just wooden frame and then they started on the internal fittings. We are now in February and we still have no external covering on the upper floor. The bricks to the first floor went in last week.

Question by Kathryn Blake

townhouse with pergola attached

To be able to sell my property, do I need council approval for an existing pergola attached to my townhouse? I live in Carina and there are 3 townhouses on the block with body corporate.

Question by beverley wardle

No hot water from facets, cold water ok from facets

We have had below freezing temps for the last 4 nights. Today all cold water facets have running water, but all hot water facets have nothing coming out.

Question by Michael Barry


I am building a double story house. It is under construction.

I have bathrooms in the second story house which has showers. House frame is made of wood. I have hebel flooring.

My concern is about the waterproofing
Metricon builder has fitted the cabinets in the bathroom before the waterproofing has been done. I have shower in the bathroom in the second floor. So after waterproofing has been done in the bathroom the following areas has not been waterproofed

Question by Anoop Sanghi

heat sink in lawn from underground concrete detention tank

A builder installed an engineered underground detention tank within the rear yard. it was not installed at the correct elevation leaving only 3" of soil and sod. To prevent the sod from browning and dying every year is there something to install, some sort of insulation that can be placed on top of the concrete to dissipate the heat?

Question by Stephanie Skrobach

Estimate for a house plan what can i expect to have to pay

i do want to change how many bathrooms there are along with making better use for the space but generally the outside shape will be as in

Question by Joshua Benton

Deck height in relation to termite barrier

Hi There,
I am planning on building a low deck in an area surrounded on 3 sides by external walls of my house. The walls are brick veneer with the usual termite barrier two bricks up form the footings.

Question by Cameron Nobes


What is the best size door for 1015x2040 opening for front door?
Will a 930 cm suffice or do I need a custom made door Thanks Kendra

Question by Kendra KESSELL

About the office door.

I just wondering about the sizes regulation for a office door.
What is the standard size for a office door?

Thank you


Question by Makoto Emporium

Balustrading required?

Hello, I have a deck that is 800mm from the ground - so theoretically does not need balustrading. I want to put a fixed bench seat around the periphery - both for extra seating and as a physical barrier to prevent falling/tipping off deck.

This fixed seating would be 450mm from the deck floor ie 1250mm from ground height. I do not want to have to put a seat back on the bench seating.

Do I now need balustrading behind the bench seating to comply with building laws?

Thank you

Question by Lisa Hughes

safety glass

are houses meant to have safety glass in windows

Question by Tiffany Dodd


I've got kitchen splash back installed and now getting burnt marks on the splash back and wanted to know if the distance of my cook top is installed to closed to it.

i used a small/med pot and after cooking noticed this, can you please give me some insight to the distance this needs to be.

Thank you.


Question by Kevin Phan

Soil Report


we just bought a land with Site Classification H1.Our Builder(Aus Build ) made sure to us verbally.they gonna take care of it while building the house. is it builders responsibility ? or how we make sure everything is taken care of .Thanks Mandi.t

Question by mandi T

House Cooling

Hi Build,

We are looking to purchase a cooling system which is effective and efficient in the long run.

We have looked into air conditioning, ducted refrigerated, split and evaporated cooling.

The house age is approximately 1970 with 4 rooms + lounge room to be cooled.

What would be your best recommendation in the long term for pricing and effectiveness?


Question by David Nguyen

tile splashbacks

I'm unsure about the regulation for tile splash backs behind a gas cooktop. Can the tiles go directly onto a plaster wall or do I need a fire retardant behind the tiles

Question by Mike Heffernan

Decking handrails failing so want replacement materials

Have existing decking with failing hand-rails, cracking and affected by Cockeys chewing up wood. Possibly Oregon rails. Want to know something more durable to replace the existing hand-rail timber with.

Question by mjbeale50

Skillion roofs

Are skillion roofs more expensive than hib roofs and if so why?

Question by Jill

Laundry relocation

I am proposing to demolish the walls between the kitchen and laundry to enlarge the kitchen. Will I need to remove the floor trap, or can I cap it off and lay tiles over the top.

Question by Richard Wood