The renovation process


There’s no one ‘process’ as far as renovation goes – each house is different, and each set of renovation requirements brings with it new challenges and new tastes. With that said, a bathroom renovation’s still a bathroom renovation, and a kitchen overhaul still involves the same kinds of basic considerations.


A big part of renovating is making plans to go without whatever it is you’re renovating too. Embrace the dust like it’s an old friend. Ignore the noise. Go on a barbecue diet, perhaps hire a portaloo and butter up your neighbours so you can use their shower. It’ll all be worth it in the end!

Knowing what’s involved – and where possible, lending a hand - is the best way to save money during the construction process. As an added bonus you’ll also learn new skills, understand your house better and have more input into how everything’s done. Talk to your builder if you’re interested in getting involved.

Learn more about the different processes involved with home renovation below.

The renovation process

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