Finalising renovations


The process of renovating your home is quite similar to building a new one – at least contractually, and in regards to the way the regulations apply.


Your renovations still need to comply with the same building standards, will still need to be inspected under certain circumstances, and will be subject to an inspection to ensure that everything’s been done according to the contract you’ve signed with your builder.

In some parts of Australia, for example, it’s necessary to have a building surveyor inspect your waterproofing as it goes in to ensure it’s compliant. This might sound like a pain, but it’s a lot less hassle than you might have if anything’s gone wrong.

Other structural inspections may be necessary too, depending on what kinds of changes have been made during your renovations. Likewise, it’s important that you’re able to critically but fairly evaluate the work that’s been done, and negotiate with your builder to fix anything that hasn’t been done correctly.

As is the case with building a new home, this is likely to be balanced off against your final payment, and the work that’s been done will be subject to a warranty. Read the articles below for more information.

Finalising renovations


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