Adelle King's blog - Jul 2018

As the editor of BUILD I have a keen interest in sustainable housing and new technologies.

Questions people forget to ask their builder     by   Adelle King

19 July 2018

You’ve probably seen all the usual questions you should be asking your builder before you contract them, including asking about licensing and references...


What are the subdivision costs in Australia?     by   Adelle King

13 July 2018

Subdivision costs in Australia vary slightly from state to state. The greatest variations in these costs will be state specific planning and application fees, contributions and fees to local governments and councils, and utility provider access costs...


What is the process of subdividing land in Australia?      by   Adelle King

12 July 2018

The process of subdividing land is a very particular and methodical process, with differences from state to state. The major differences from state to state are the stakeholders and decision making bodies that administer the subdivision process and issue titles...


Can I subdivide my land?     by   Adelle King

11 July 2018

The subdivision potential of a parent lot of land in most Australian states is generally determined by three main factors...


A gold rush in the suburban backyard      by   Adelle King

10 July 2018

Subdividing land in Victoria Victorians are subdividing land at an exceptional pace- backyard developers are key players in the state government’s ambitious housing infill targets...


Subdividing property in Australia     by   Adelle King

09 July 2018

Subdivision is a complex process, involving elements of planning, building compliance, project management and legal work. Additionally, the process is slightly different in each state so it can be hard for home owners to find accurate information that covers all aspects of the process...


The Simpsons' living room in six different styles     by   Adelle King

02 July 2018

One of the most familiar living rooms on TV is the one belonging to the Simpsons family, with the decor unchanged since the show first aired in 1989. The design has been synonymous with American suburbia for 29 years so it’s hard to imagine the iconic room in any other style...