Maintenance of window frames

Like nearly any part of the home, windows need care and regular maintenance to function at full capacity. Maintaining window frames is relatively easy and if done regularly, can increase...

How to clean and maintain windows

Like any part of the home, windows need care and maintenance to function at full capacity. The following maintenance and cleaning tips are provided to help you prevent permanent...

Window maintenance

Window maintenance

Like any other part of your home, windows need regular care and maintenance. Over time with exposure to the elements, windows can deteriorate if they aren't properly cared for.


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What are R values?

R values are a way to assess how well thermal insulation works. Find out what's considered high and low where R values are concerned, and why there's more to insulation performance than just R values.

Energy efficiency
Battery storage is set to become commonplace in Australian homes.

Solar storage

Batteries capable of storing significant quantities of energy are set to become a major part of Australian residential power systems in the near future.


Door viewers

Spy holes, peep holes, door cameras - there are many different types, but they all serve the same purpose; to show you who's on the other side of the door.