Maintenance of window frames

Like nearly any part of the home, windows need care and regular maintenance to function at full capacity. Maintaining window frames is relatively easy and if done regularly, can increase...

How to clean and maintain windows

Like any part of the home, windows need care and maintenance to function at full capacity. The following maintenance and cleaning tips are provided to help you prevent permanent...

Window maintenance

Window maintenance

Like any other part of your home, windows need regular care and maintenance. Over time with exposure to the elements, windows can deteriorate if they aren't properly cared for.


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Decking materials

Decking can be made from all sorts of different timbers, and can be coloured, stained and weatherproofed using decking oils and treatments. Find out more about each, and their particular properties.


Fire door regulations

Fire doors are an important safety measure, and are required in homes used for commercial purposes, like those which feature a storefront or bed and breakfast setups.


Jacuzzis and whirlpool baths

Jacuzzis, whirlpools, spa baths or hot tubs - whatever you call them, they're a very comfortable (and occasionally social) place for a bit of good clean fun.