Café Blinds – Bringing the Outdoors, In     by   Amanda Delatycki

30 July 2015

Australians love to entertain and homes are now being designed with this in mind. Whilst a patio or deck makes for a fabulous outdoor entertaining space, what better way to take advantage of the great outdoors and bring the outside, than with café blinds...

The importance of acoustics when designing a space, and how to get it right     by   Atkar Building Materials

29 July 2015

We never really realise how important a role sound plays in our lives until we are tearing our hair out in a noisy public venue because we just can't hear what the other person is saying...


6 Amazing Treehouses     by   BUILD

28 July 2015

Treehouses seem to be one of those things that people just never grow out of. No matter how 'grown-up' we may be, the thought of visiting a treehouse fills us with glee...

Taking inspiration from the past for the future     by   Kate Jordan

24 July 2015

Paint companies tread a fine line when maintaining their classic colours while still being on trend. They don't want to be seen as old-fashioned, but they also want their colours to endure the test of time and not simply be a passing trend...


Make the most of your ducted heating     by   BUILD

21 July 2015

Today we have a guest post from John Konstantakopoulos on getting the most from your ducted heating. As a youngster you would have heard your mother shout, ‘You don’t live in a tent, do you!’ referring to leaving a door open to outside...

How to Effectively Remove Rust Stains from Windows     by   Mark Brandon

20 July 2015

Mark Brandon is your go-to guy when it comes to home renovation and inspection. He shares his expertise to people through a variety of blogs like Safe and Sound Property Inspections. In this article, he talks about effective ways on how to remove rust stains from windows...

5 Benefits Of Using Concrete Flooring In Your Home     by   My Floor - Concrete Flooring Solutions

18 July 2015

Often the first thought that comes into our heads when we think of concrete flooring it is something that is cold and uninviting. It is the kind of flooring that we would only see in a warehouse or a prison. But what many of us do not realise is that this material is versatile...

What Are R Codes?     by   Ross North Developments

16 July 2015

If you are interested in property development in Perth, then understanding the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia or ‘R-Codes’ as they are commonly known is crucial if you are to maximise the sale or development potential of a particular site...

Four Reasons You Should Consider a Custom Kitchen      by   Urban Accent

14 July 2015

When it comes to installing a new kitchen you are facing a huge and exciting decision. A kitchen is an investment in the capital value of your home and impacts your general quality of life...

Stunning before and after photos of a Hawthorn remodel     by   BUILD

14 July 2015

Everyone loves a good before and after story - especially when there's a story as sweet as this one behind it! The Sattes family have lived in this Hawthorn weatherboard house since the 1950s, when the family arrived in Australia...

How to get started buying a kit home as an owner builder     by   The Kit Home Expert

11 July 2015

Kit Home Expert advise... Mr Granny Flat & Kit Home Espert Call 0407 683 779 What is an owner builder? "An owner–builder is an individual who does owner–builder work and holds a permit for that work...

2 Storeys Are Better Than One - Fact Or Fiction?     by   Next Residential

10 July 2015

When it comes to deciding on what type of home to build, there are so many different factors to consider...

Which Process Is More Effective: Concrete X-ray vs. GPR     by   SupercutWa

10 July 2015

Concrete scanning is one of the most important steps in the concrete drilling, sawing and cutting processes – it ensures that there are no unexpected parts of metal or other materials embedded in the concrete, which could potentially be very dangerous for the workers and/or the infrastructure...


Installing modern porcelain tiles: what you need to know     by   Kate Jordan

10 July 2015

The changes in surface texture and density of porcelain tiles in recent years have become a challenging factor in the performance of the adhesive to bond these tiles to the substrates...


How To Choose The Right Antenna     by   Perth Digital TV Antenna Services

09 July 2015

How do you know if you've got the right antenna already in place? Or if you are buying a new antenna, how do you know if you're choosing the right one?...

How To Choose The Best House And Land Package     by   Complete Homes

02 July 2015

There are many advantages to buying a house and land package but with so many different options available, the decision-making process can be daunting, especially for first-time buyers. If you're looking for a house and land package but don't know where to start - then you should keep reading...

Need To Know Which Type Of Pond Liner Is Best? Read This.     by   Michael Cave

01 July 2015

If you're planning on building a pond, you've probably got a few questions about which pond liner is the best. Well, for starters, it's important to understand that there isn't a right or a wrong way to line a pond - but rather there's a right choice for each situation...

The endless possibilities of plasterboard     by   Kate Jordan

01 July 2015

There's not much you can do with four plain walls and a flat ceiling – unless you're really inventive. The recently aired The Block Triple Threat created just such a challenge for contestants. Each team was given a flat in a 1970s block in Melbourne's South Yarra...