Window Wisdom-The Importance of Window Dressings in Home Décor

22 June 2017

When it comes to your home, there are few things more confronting then walking out in your birthday suit and realising you don’t have curtains. However, aside from protecting the neighbourhood from unplanned surprises, window dressings are also a very important part of your home décor.

Cold and empty

I challenge you to walk into any room that does not have a window dressing and tell me it doesn’t feel cold and empty. Window dressings aren’t exactly the first thought when deciding upon your interior design plan. However they should be a very important consideration. Window dressings such as curtains, fabrics, blinds or shutters are a chance to add a touch of class and warmth to the rooms in your house.

A well-chosen fabric or material for curtains, blinds or shutters will ensure your rooms have a luxury air about them. Imagine a stunning beachside property in Bondi Beach, installing blinds in Sydney works wonders for allowing in a soft warm feel, and of course that ocean breeze.

Block out or sheer

Fabrics are a great way to create a high end backdrop to any room.

When choosing your fabric it is crucial to work in with the theme of your home. Sheer fabrics may work well in studies or sitting rooms as they allow natural light to fill the room, creating a light and airy space. On the contrast, being awoken by the blazing sun at 5.30am isn’t a way to live, so perhaps a sheer fabric isn’t optimal in the bedroom.

Instead, look into block out curtains, this will allow for those weekend sleep-ins.

Previously, blockouts were considered bulky or heavy, although time marches on and no one can deny they offer a unique finish to a window dressing, as well as allowing for a 9am wake up on Saturdays.

Be creative

A window dressing doesn’t need to be just a fabric hanging by a window.

The options are endless for unique designs in fabrics, shutter or blinds. Most interior designers use a window dressing as yet another opportunity to convey the style of a home. Be creative with your window dressings, try cellular shades which sit on a frame and can work with the entire width of your window. Alternatively, create an artistic design for your vertical drapes or roman blinds. When the blinds are open you are looking into a stunning view, when closed you are presented with an artistic and one of a kind design.

Can’t decide, then double up

If you are struggling to decide what option to use for your window dressings then why not use a combination. Not only does the contrast of fabrics add luxury and sophistication to your dressing, it also allows for open sunny mornings or private and intimate afternoons. A combination dressing is a fantastic way to make use of an otherwise wasted space.

Window dressings should not be the last thing on your to do list when moving into a home.

It is a space that offers a chance to be creative and add warmth to your home. However, if left unattended it can make a room feel cold and empty no matter what you put in it, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it. Remember these tips and always look to make full use of your space through appropriate window dressings.