Why dining tables made of oak are so popular

12 February 2018

Oak is preferred all over the world due to its sturdiness and durability. There are more than four hundred types of oaks but only two kinds of oak trees are used for furniture; red colored oak and white colored oak. White oak is very durable, and is less penetrable and has better color than red oak. It is therefore used mainly for making furniture  such as cupboards and dining tables. 

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 Factors One Should Consider Before Buying Dining Table Made of Oak

A dining table is the meeting spot for the family and it is an important place in the home. But before buying such an expensive item it is better to have a good search over the market. If you are shopping for a dining table you will possibly buy one that will last forever so it's important to choose something that is well crafted as well as durable. Oak dining tables are both of these things.

Below are some important features of dining tables made of oak:

  • This type of dining table is durable. Oak dries very fast, so it becomes damage resistant and maintains its original shape in any type of atmosphere.
  • It comes in a variety of shades and hues, from deep dark to light. You will just have to choose the best option according to your interior.
  • It has a long life so if you are looking for a table that will last for years while preserving its original feel and look then this is the one you are searching for.

Maintenance of Dining Table Made of Oak

Though dining tables made of oak wood are quite magnificent, owners should take proper care of such furniture. 

  • It is very important that you keep your dining table away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. This can cause too much dryness, cracks on the body of the dining table and also can fade the colour. If your dining table is placed next to an air vent then you must close its louvers so that the air flow gets reduced. In order to avoid these troubles, it is better to use wooden furniture inside rather than outside. 
  • You should always clean water that spills. Oak is porous so it easily absorbs water, which can damage the finish of the dining table and cause discoloration. The longer the spill sits on the dining table the deeper will it penetrate so it is better to wipe the spills using a paper towel or dry cloth as soon as possible.
  • Always move the dining table very carefully to protect the joints that are fixed with a clamp and glue. It is better to gently push or lift it rather than dragging it by its legs. You can do this with the help of rollers or sliders
  • It is always preferred to clean the dining table with a lightly soaped towel or damp cloth. It is better to keep hot items such as pans or dishes away from the table.  Instead, use heavy mats or trivets underneath hot items. 

For many years oak has been a popular choice for furniture construction because of its durability, strength and beauty. But it is porous so it can easily stain if it does not have a glossy finish. If it is not properly moisturised it can dry and get cracked. So in order to maintain oak dining table, you will have to preserve it from extreme moisture, heat, temperature swings and sun.


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