Why Choose Custom made bathroom vanities

12 July 2018

The bathroom is the space where you spend a good amount of your time preparing for the day ahead so you need your cabinets that are specially designed and constructed to suit your needs. 

Custom made vanities can also increase the value of your home because they make better use of space and boost the aesthetic appeal. 

Custom made vanities are an alternative to ready-made vanities and are chosen for a number of reasons. including size, shape, space, colour or functionality. When you custom make your bathroom vanity, you know that it will be unique and not found anywhere else. This is because they are specifically designed and made as per your exact specifications. You can have the functionality you require and you can choose the material, colour and shape/ design of your vanity.

For getting your custom bathroom vanities built, you have two options. 

1. Skilled Carpenter

You can get your custom bathroom vanities designed and built by a skilled carpenter. They may charge you more for the expertise but they have specialised knowledge that will assist you in making well-informed and practical decisions about your vanities.

Most custom cabinet makers will have a portfolio of work they can show you and references from previous customers. 

2. Manufacturer of kitchen & bathroom cabinets

You can also have custom bathroom vanities built by a company who manufacturers bathroom and kitchen cabinets. These companies should have professionals that work for them with expertise in making quality custom vanities.


A custom-made vanity is not only about the look but also about meeting your needs for practicality. All things appear to work smoothly when it has its own place and is put back into that place after use. A good custom vanity will have a place for all your morning needs for performing various bathroom routines.


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