What Is The KN Rating Of The Strapping You Use?

06 December 2017

Did you know the size (ie 30mm x 0.8mm) has nothing to do with compliance to AS1684.2 Part (b) & (d)

AS1684.2 specifies a kN rating per metre to establish which size strapping for particular widths & spans.

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The Issue

Not all Strap Bracing is created equal.  Neither does a basic size specification 30mm x 0.8mm correspond to a particular kN rating.  The quality of material, layout of the holes and other factors differ between different suppliers and a test of each individual product is required to establish its rating.


To specify Strap Bracing the following steps must be taken:

  1. What is the height and width to be braced?
  2. What is the kN rating required for this width/span under AS1684.2?
  3. What is the kN rating of the strapping brand and sizes available?
  4. Select the strapping according to its kN rating (eg VUETRADE 30mm x0.8mm has a 5.8kN rating).

To determine which strapping you should use for a certain application, the process is quite complex. You need to know the height and span where the strapping is to be used.  Only then you can determine the kN required under AS1684.2 and match this to the kN rating of the Strap Bracing you are using.

It is important to remember again that while the kN rating of VUETRADE Vuebrace may be ‘X kN’, an alternative product will be different (some products in the market we are aware the kN rating is in fact unknown).

All sounds too hard?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard yards for you!

VUETRADE have developed a calculator where you enter the height and width and the calculator tells you the kN required and the corresponding VUETRADE Vuebrace size that meets the kN required under AS1684.2.

  1. What is the height and width to be braced?
  2. Enter the width & span to be braced in the VUETRADE Vuebrace Calculator.
  3. This will tell you the kN rating required and the corresponding VUETRADE Vuebrace product to suit

Go to our website to download the calculator to ensure you’re compliant to AS1684.2 Part (b) & (d)

We will be releasing this as an App soon, anyone who downloads the calculator will be advised when it is available! 


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