What are the benefits of Hydronic Heating?

06 June 2018

Hydronic heating, also known as radiant heating, is gaining popularity and there are a growing number of people who are choosing to install this type of heating system in their commercial and residential establishments. There are many benefits of hydronic heating, including comfort, balanced humidity level, prevention of dust and allergens, and increased efficiency. Initially, you may need to invest extra money for the installation of hydronic heating because you need to install the water channels under the floor and excavate the floor for the installation. However, once installation is complete, it will save you future expenses.  

Hydronic Heating

 5 Benefits of the hydronic heating system: 

#1. Hydronic heating can be controlled in each zone, allowing you to set different temperatures for each room. For example, you can set a medium temperature for bedrooms and a higher temperature in bathrooms. 

#2. Hydronic heating is installed under the floor and therefore generates heat form under your feet. This keeps floored surfaces such as tiles and marble warm so you can walk on them bare foot even in the middle of winter.

#3. Cold winter can dry out your skin and increase the moisture level in your home. Hydronic allows you to easily control humidity levels to prevent this from occurring. 

#4. Other heating systems such as gas and ducted heating can create noise pollution but because hydronic heating is completely installed under the floor, it provides steady heating without any noise. 

#5. If you have asthma or allergies, gas heating systems can create breathing problems. Also, traditional heating systems can accumulate huge amounts of dust and spread them inside the rooms. Hydronic heating however, can prevent these problems because the hydronic systems do not require any gas or air circulation to warm your rooms. This is not only environment-friendly but also healthier for your family. 

Hydronic Heating

 How can you save your power consumption cost by installing the hydronic heating? 

We know that water is a better heat conductor than gas and hydronic heating uses water to warm your rooms, helping you save on your power consumption cost by. In fact, it will save up to 20-30%  more power than other heating systems. 

You can search for hydronic heating services in your locality or online. Before hiring any company, always check their experience level, safety license and customer reviews. 


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