Update Bathrooms in Scandi Style with Woodgrain Laminate Vanities

21 March 2017

Floating woodgrain laminate bathroom vanities meet all the essential elements of Scandinavian bathrooms. Scandinavian décor is so gentle and easy to live with that many DIYers are choosing to renovate their modern brightly coloured bathrooms in the much more relaxing Scandi style. And nothing says Scandinavian more than the clean lines, of woodgrain laminate bathroom vanities.

It’s simple, imagine yourself lying back and enjoying the soothing atmosphere of a smooth lined spa or bath, that’s set in a bathroom furnished with equally calming Scandi décor.

Basically, the 6 elements of Scandi style are,

  • No fuss and no frills
  • Understated tones
  • Calm wooden or cork features
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Understated essentials become features

The way Scandi style can be incorporated into your bathrooms renovations can be to combine hanging woodgrain laminate bathroom vanities, with an elegant smooth lined bath. Scandi style is slowly moving away from basic white, to incorporating a few pastel toned and lighter wooden features. Thus a few carefully chosen smaller decorations are now considered a quite acceptable element of Scandi style. A good example of how this would be an odd numbered group of pastel blue or peach slim vases of different height placed carefully in either a purposely built wall niche, or large window sill.

Some stylists even go so far as to suggest a pastel tiled or wallpaper feature behind your spa or bath should be considered for any renovated bathrooms renovated in the Scandi style. Although, feature walls a definitely a choice of personal preferences and would need to be carefully thought about if you are renovating to house flip.

Floating woodgrain laminate bathroom vanities are another matter entirely; there aren’t too many people who don’t appreciate their timeless appeal. Even those who aren’t renovating within Scandi décor parameters, can help but love their style and grace.  Forget the chocolate toning of your grandmother’s 70s house, the new fashioned woodgrain laminates come in a range of gentle ash tones. Not only are woodgrain floating bathroom vanities affordable, they also easily harmonise with many of the trending contemporary styles of décor. However, if you are planning to renovate your bathrooms in the mid-century modern (new retro) style, you might not be able to take advantage of woodgrain laminate bathroom vanities calm appearance.

Pic repinned from ComfyDwelling Pinterest