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A trifecta of must-have interior features

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11 September 2018

Deciding on the perfect selection of interior features for your home is often overwhelming with so many choices on offer.  With the suite of social media posts, expert suggestions and pictures at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to narrow down your interior feature must haves.

We all have an idea on what our dream home might look like – combining aesthetic appeal, natural elements and of course, functionality.   But where do you begin?

Henley Design showroom manager Vicki Boburka shares her expertise with the must-have interior feature options to deck out your forever home with style and panache, and give it a stamp of individuality that it deserves.

Green with envy

Indoor plants will never go out of style. There’s more than just aesthetics to this interior feature as well - plants are believed to be good for health, help us relax, and can help to filter the indoor air.

“Living indoor plants absorb harmful chemicals and regulate humidity – just one plant per room can help purify the air. This is why we feel more relaxed when surrounded by plants as they help us breathe better air, plus they’re an inexpensive way to add an instant pop of colour and glamour to any interior space,” says Vicki.

“Plants that have proved to be very popular include the Pilea peperomioides, the Chinese Money plant, as well as plants with patterned leaves such as Calathea Orbifolia, Monstera and the Snake Plant which are about to become a big hit.

“If you are like me and don’t have confidence in keeping our green friends alive, a high-quality artificial plant is the answer. These days, artificial plants are frequently mistaken for the real thing and besides a wipe down every so often to remove dust they look after themselves and require absolutely no gardening skills at all. Teamed with textured hardwoods and pretty terracotta pots, indoor greenery is definitely a must have.”

Colour it in

“Don’t forget colour in your interior spaces, but be smart about it! Trends in 2019 are prompting us to think outside the box by introducing more textures, colours and patterns into our rooms where in the last few years we have seen very minimalist and monochrome inspired interiors,” Vicky says.

“A transition to a more conscious and sustainable living is reflected in green and earthy interiors with a mixture of beige and grey making a resurgence. By adding a burst of colour to these spaces as a feature piece of furniture or architectural element, being it a muted tone, soft pastel or bold ice cream pop of colour, you create a focal point within a space that draws the eye and adds another level of design.

“So when we say colour, think sage greens or deep blues to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.  Millennial pink teamed with matte black and gold accents to soften an otherwise monochromatic space, or introduce the warmth of burnt oranges, beiges and rusted tones found in tan leathers and terracotta’s to create the always desired resort inspired living.

“A bowl of bright yellow lemons on a kitchen bench or the gorgeous vibrant green from a Monstera plant in the corner of a room is a sophisticated way of adding the ‘ice cream pop’ of colour to a room, which is what most people think of when the word ‘colour’ is mentioned.”

Time for a statement

“Make a statement, whether that be in an art deco inspired piece of furniture, which is seeing another resurgence of late with its soft sweeping curves and organic lines, or in a gallery wall filled with a mismatched collection of beautifully coordinated prints, drawings, textured fabrics and photographs.  You may also want to consider a fully stocked, well styled, picturesque bar cart,” says Vicky.

“Often, we forget about the ceiling above our heads and how much of a statement this can make when clad in timber battens, dressed in beautiful papers or painted in subtle yet eye catching hues. Statement trends are first and foremost sources of inspiration, some stay for the long haul while others go as quickly as they come. However, do not forget that what makes an interior unique is the personal touch you bring to it! So, get inspired by the textures, colours and patterns you see.

“Decorate with objects that are valuable to you, remind you of wonderful memories, or simply make you feel something special, as these are the personal statements that will see the test of time. In short, don’t forget to add the ‘you’ into your interior – that is what truly makes a unique statement.”

With the interior design trifecta under your wings, your home will have that touch of pizzazz and personality that you will love.