Top tips to get your barbeque area smoking

08 November 2016

It's barbeque season again and here at BUILD we're pretty excited about it. So to usher in the warmer weather we thought we'd put together a list of tips to help you ensure your barbeque area is smoking this summer. 

 1. A great barbeque: It seems obvious but all too often people get carried away with outdoor seating, plants and similar accoutrements and then skimp when it comes time to make that all important purchase. But if your barbeque isn’t a pleasure to cook on, you’re not going to want to cook on it and guess what? You won’t be getting the most from your outdoor area either.

2. Prep area: It’s a Sunday, the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze in the air: perfect barbeque weather. So you want to get out there and start enjoying it, not spend an hour in the kitchen preparing salads and marinades before you feel the sun on your face. If you have the space – set up a prep area.

 3. Seating: Nothing’s worse than sitting at a cramped and rickety table when you’re trying to enjoy that magical combination of meats, drinks and sunshine. If you want to make that lazy lunch last all afternoon, comfy seating is a must!

 4. Shade: Whether it’s in the form of a large umbrella, a shade sail or a pergola, some form of shelter from the elements is always a good idea for extra comfort. Trellised vines are also a great option and add a Mediterranean touch.

 5. Tunes: When it comes to barbecue vibes, an outdoor audio system can make all the difference. There are myriad options – from one or two inbuilt speakers in the eaves,  hanging speakers close to your seating area, or a distributed audio system that will bring your whole garden to life.


6. Fridge: Cold drinks are par for the course and there’s nothing wrong with dragging out an ice-filled esky when you plan to make a day of it. But for those wanting to take it to the next level, a mini fridge adds a measure of convenience that is hard to go past.