Top 6 Benefits of A Double Sided Fireplace in Your Home

14 July 2017

Double-sided fireplaces have become the core of a modern home that makes it impactful and attractive. The flames and sparkles produced from both sides create two rooms, which are reminiscent to one another. The best part is double sided fireplace does not require any presetting except a large room with a wide wall between them. There are simply no restrictions on how luxurious or large the fireplace can be.

However, the benefits of such brilliant fireplaces are not limited to this, rather there is more to it.

Double Sided Fireplace

Here are top 6 benefits of making them a part of your home:

#1. Creates Different Zone

If your house is based on the concept of open construction then there might be a wall that separates two different rooms. Though, it offers an amazing appeal to spacious rooms but can be extremely chilling during the winters. This is where the fireplace with double sides can come for the rescue. They are quite effective even in situations when you are planning to separate the living area from the kitchen or from the master bedroom.

Installing fireplace with multiple sides is a great way to manage the space.  Who wouldn't love to have warmth in both their living and bedroom, as well?

#2. Can Be Inside Out

If you think the use of double sided fireplace is limited to the interior walls, then you probably got it wrong! In fact, double sided versatile fireplaces can be installed on any wall of your home. This allows you to maintain a sense of consistency between the outdoor and indoor living space. Moreover, you get the opportunity to dine out with friends and family members or arrange parties even when the temperature is low.

#3. Energy Saving

During winters, people tend to utilize their home heating systems, in order to make every corner warm even those that they may not use. However, with a double sided fireplace you are able to warm two important spaces of the home that you use often. This not only makes it an eco-friendly choice but at the same time, its efficiency plays a major role in reducing your monthly utility bills.

#4. Space Saving

Space has remained to be one the crucial concerns of modern homes. However, having a fireplace with two sides helps you overcome this problem, because instead of installing two different fireplaces onto the walls, you will need only one to heat two zones of the home. Moreover, these fireplaces are compatible with every form of wall to offer better convenience and ease of use.

#5. Wide Range of Designs

The double sided fireplaces are available in an array of styles and designs. This gives you the opportunity to choose the one that blends with the beauty of your home. For instance, if the décor is based on minimalistic and sophisticated styles then you can opt for double sided fireplace with a sleek body and elegant appeal. Prioritise what your requirements are and then look for the one suitable for the same.

#6. Gives A Modern Touch to Homes

The last and perhaps the most significant benefit of double sided fireplace is they offer a modern appeal to the homes, completing the essence of their décor in a harmonious manner. It not only synchronizes two independent rooms together but also at the same time, creates a flow across the rooms, establishing a sense of continuity. Such a characteristic remains to be the essence of modern homes.

So, when you are planning to transform the aura of your home and that too with a modern component then never forget to consider the one of a kind double sided fireplace. 


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