Top 5 Modern Pool Landscaping Designs and Ideas

23 October 2017

                                                                                      Pool Landscaping

With the shift to outdoor living becoming even more prominent, the humble swimming pool is really coming into its own as a central feature of modern landscaping design. Aside from the enjoyment it will provide your family and friends for years to come, professional pool landscaping designs are one of the best ways to add value to your property.

Here are some of our top landscaping ideas and designs that you could include:

1. Spa Addition- Nothing says rest and relaxation like a hot, bubbly spa. Chill with a good book during the day or unwind with a glass of wine of an evening. These days, there are plenty of options for adding a spa to your swimming pool design – opt for an elevated shell with a zero edge overflow, or turn a corner of the pool into a heated spa.

2. Mood Lighting- Just because the sun has set for the day doesn’t mean that you have to move indoors. With the addition of outdoor lighting, you can create whatever mood or style you want – go for a party atmosphere with twinkling fairy lights, make a style statement with LED water arcs, or show off your favourite plants with dramatic accent lights.

3. Pool Lounge- Providing somewhere for people who aren’t swimming to sit and relax can really take your pool landscaping to the next level. Think a modern outdoor kitchen that is made for entertaining, a media centre so that you can watch the game whilst in the water, or a custom lounge that is over flowing with squashy and comfortable chairs.

4. Updated Finishes- If you have an existing swimming pool, a landscaping project could provide the perfect opportunity to update its finishes a little. Mosaic or glass tiles can add some colour, whilst natural stone copers can help it to blend into its surrounds a little better. Even giving the shell a good clean can make all the difference to its appearance.

5. Fireplace/Fire Pit- Another way to create atmosphere is with the addition of a fireplace or fire pit. On cool summer nights, you will be able to sit around the crackling fire for a little extra warmth. It can also provide some additional light if you don’t want to turn on the mood lighting. Finally, during the winter you can roast marshmallows or make smores.

If you have been thinking that your home’s pool landscaping is lacking, we hope that the above list of designs and ideas has given you plenty of inspiration. At the end of the day, choosing which elements to add to your property and which to leave out is a completely personal decision – think about how you want to use your swimming pool and the surrounding area.


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