The top 5 interior painting scams to watch out for

07 October 2017

 Surely a lot of you would not even be aware of this fact, but yes even in the realm of interior painting, there are a great many scam services. Then again, this should not be all that surprising as scam services tend to exist in all aspects of life. However, one must be not only aware of the fact but also wary and watchful.

After all, no one wants their hard-earned money to go to complete waste simply because they hired a charlatan without even knowing. Nothing is worse than that. Be aware of the plain and simple fact that there is a clear difference between interior painters who are extremely efficient at their job and those interior painters who are only looking at cutting corners from every angle. Knowing and recognizing the differences between the two is exactly what you will need to focus on.

Having said that, here is the list of the most common scams and short-cuts that a few interior services try to pass off as actual services:-

  • Wall repair scam: This is one of the most common scams. Here, the painting service will not include the full extent of the walls repairs in the final bid. Sometimes, it will seem like too many repairs when it is actually not, simply because they have pointed it out later.

    If the painting service happens to bring up the topic of wall repairs after they have already started their work on your project, it’s an immediate sign that they’re probably not being honest with you.

  • Pricing scam: As you go from flat to gloss, paint tends to get more expensive. This is also the case with darker paints. A lot of times, the service ends up picking out expensive finishes and colours.

    To solve this, make doubly sure of the fact that finish and colour requirements are all put down on paper in a contract, before you sign up with any company.

  • Paint coverage issues: In this regard, you may not be completely sure on the number of coats required to give your worn-out wall the perfect look. You may think that just two will do the job, but sometimes after taking a look at the finished wall, three to even four coats are required.

    Hence, be sure to finalise with the painting service at the price of additional coats, if required. If additional coats of paint have not been specified on the contract, it can turn out to be needlessly expensive.

  • Material scams: Here, most of the services tend to mix the pure paint with inferior versions of the same paint. This may lead to the creation of more paint, but this paint mix is much more vulnerable to cracking and peeling.

    Hence, keep a beady eye on the new cans of paint coming in and make sure that all of them are sealed tightly.

  • The bid scam: This type of scam happens when the company quotes random figures and numbers without giving any specifications on all the necessary equipments. Hence, you need to make sure that each and every one of the specifications along with the pricing, are on the list.

  • At the end of the day, it would be worthwhile noting that there is indeed a possibility that nearly all of the carpet cleaning services in your area may very well be pushing forward these particular scams. This could be the case for Interior painters in Sydney as well as anywhere else.

Just remember that ultimately, a company with supposedly good looking equipment and fancy ads does not guarantee a job well done. For all you know, they may be using all the equipment and advertising as a cover-up for shoddy work overall. So do make sure that you not only do your homework, but also investigate and analyse each and every aspect of the painting companies. Since your money is at stake here, this is something you cannot afford to forget.