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06 November 2018

Broome is well known for its amazing white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. But tours from Broome have much more on offer than just walks along the beach. Tourists can discover the culture and history of this amazing place and experience attractions such as dinosaur footprints, abundant wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and many local hidden secrets that you may only find on a 4WD tour Broome.

Dinosaur Footprints

Recently more dinosaur footprints have been discovered in Broome. Palaeontologists state that they are the largest in the world! There are a few locations around Broome to see dinosaur tracks. However, one of the most popular places is Gantheaume Point, around 6 kilometres from Broome. These 130 million-year-old tracks are located on rock ledges which are only accessible during low tides.

Some dinosaur tracks may take a bit of time to find and are often found on exposed sandstone rocks, reef and shelves. They are usually only visible for a few hours each day due to the tides; so planning is a good idea.

Horizontal Falls

Described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world”, the Horizontal Falls are created by strong tides building up near narrow gaps in the landscape. The water builds up faster than it can pass through, creating a horizontal waterfall. Each time the tide changes the falls reverse.

Staircase to the Moon

The Staircase to the Moon is a spectacular natural wonder to be seen during the cooler months. This amazing natural phenomenon happens due to the reflection of the moon as it rises across the tidal flats. This creates a beautiful impression of a staircase to the moon.


Japanese Cemetery

The Japanese Cemetery in Broome is the largest of its kind in Australia. Dating back to 1896 there are over 700 graves showing the close connection between Broome and Japan during the early 1900’s. The cemetery is a tribute to those who passed away during the pearling boom in the early 20th century.


Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Willie Creek Pearl Farm gives tourists the opportunity to discover Broome’s pearling history. Visitors can learn about the pearling industry, pearl farming and modern jewellery manufacturing. Discover the historic rare pearling and diving artefacts used by the brave men who risked their lives diving for pearls.


Camel Rides

The famous camel train is well known in Broome. Tourists can enjoy a camel ride along the beautiful Cable Beach with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Camel rides are suitable for all ages, these often-misunderstood animals are quite docile and will guarantee a once in a lifetime experience.


Buddha Sanctuary

If you’re looking for something a little quieter and relaxing in Broome Tours, the Buddha Sanctuary may be the place. The Buddha Sanctuary was created for the local people as a place of stillness and peace. It is also used for spiritual and meditation practise. The Buddha Sanctuary is home to a crystal Buddha statue three metres in height. Visitors are always welcome, whether they would like to take a class, or just enjoy some quiet time.



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