Taking Room Design Inspiration From TV

16 November 2018

Designing a child’s bedroom is just about the most fun you can have, because it’s the room where the more creative and imaginative you can be the better. For so much of the rest of your home, you have to show some restraint to make a functional and practical living space, whereas a bedroom for a child can come straight out of their dreams as long as your budget and DIY skills are up to it.

There’s lots of ways to get inspiration for a child’s bedroom, but first of all you need to look at what they enjoy - cartoons. Whether they’re still young or have reached those awkward teenage years, there’s a cartoon bedroom that fits their personality and habits, so Angie’s List has picked out six of the best examples and brought them to life so you can steal some of the ideas and inspiration.

Whether old or young, if your child is the serious type, they need a bedroom that gives them the space to be themselves and escape from the wider world. That might look like the soft pinks and blues of Lisa Simpson’s room, the horses (so many horses) of Tina Belcher’s bedroom or the padded walls and human skulls of Daria’s sanctuary. Just remember that the important thing is to make sure the room matches the person, even if some of the features (like the bars on Daria’s windows) betray the fact that it wasn’t always their room.

Lisa Simpson's bedroom

Tina's bedroom (Bob's Burgers)


Daria's bedroom

You can go really wild with a young child’s bedroom, with Hey Arnold offering a good example of that, from the wacky Vegas-style carpet to the fish in the watercooler, but sometimes simple is the way to go. Children’s lives aren’t always as peaceful as we’d like them to be, even if they aren’t being taken through time by a misanthropic grandfather like Morty, or having to save the universe like Steven.

Arnold's bedroom (Hey Arnold)


Steven's bedroom (Steven Universe)

At that age small things can feel just as significant, so you don’t need to go over the top with their bedroom designs. For Steven Universe, his bedroom is a very simple affair with a video game console on the floor and books and toys on his shelf, because he’s got enough to deal with, while Morty has lots of reminders of his madcap adventures with Rick, but also a bedroom that lets him get some rest in between them, because isn’t what we all need?

Morty's bedroom (Rick and Morty)

Whether it’s TV-inspired wallpaper, posters of their heroes or even an elephant lamp for their bedside table, don’t be afraid to be creative when giving your kids a bedroom that will inspire them.


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