Stone Interiors

21 April 2017

The reflective warm and unique qualities of stone are second to none.  With interiors, stone adds a luxurious feel while bringing the natural world inside.  

Cladding interior and exterior walls using natural limestone from Limestone Australia is a fantastic way to add appeal to a new build or renovation. Limestone's acoustic and thermal qualities mean your interior space will be quiet and beautifully climate controlled.   This kind of stone cladding is especially effective when creating feature walls, staircases and fireplaces.   We love this staircase (below) using limestone cladding - it's warm and timeless design at it's best.

The light bounces off each surface creating a variance of tones that you could never achieve with a simple paint finish.  Combined with the dark wood steps the space is just beautiful.

 As a fireplace feature, limestone is incredibly durable, and in this well lit space it's colours change again and again throughout the day blending seamlessly with the garden views around it.

Compared to it's less dynamic counterpart - stacked stone - limestone wall cladding is not going to be one of those products that you see in houses in years to come and think 'that's very 2000's!'.  It really is above and beyond the current design trends.

To see more of Limestone Australia's Biscuit stone, jump onto the website at  A range of stone is available, and not just as cladding, the stone comes in block forms and can be but for sills, pillars etc.

Biscuit Limestone, Stone Wall Cladding