Sort out your finances


Unless you're swimming in cash, finances are a very important consideration when it comes to renovating sensibly. While they aren’t usually cheap, they’re often very easy to justify in terms of the value they’re likely to add to your home.


A cleverly-done renovation can easily add many times its cost to the value of your house. With that said, it’s still important that you’re getting good bang for your buck, and that you understand how what you’re spending both improves your quality of life, and the market value of your property.

There are a few different routes you can take to finance your renovations - none of which is right in all circumstances. Likewise, there are countless different ways that savvy renovators can reduce their renovation costs and improve the bang they’re getting for their buck. Getting value for money when it comes to renovation is something of a sport among those who’ve done it a couple of times!

Read on below for more details about the kinds of finance issues you’ll need to consider before you renovate.

Sort out your finances

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