Reticulation Repairs: Warning Signs to be Aware of

09 October 2018

A reticulation system makes it easy to keep your garden lush and green. With programmable capabilities, it is a convenient way to water your garden whilst also saving time, money and water. But as with any system, it requires regular maintenance and service to keep it working at its best. Sprinkler systems are made of several electrical and mechanical parts, much of it in a complex system of wires and pipes beneath the surface. For this reason, it may not always be readily apparent when a part malfunctions. Here are some indicators that you may be in need of reticulation repairs.


Brown Spots

A clear and obvious indication that your garden isn’t being properly watered is when brown spots and wilting plants start appearing. These spots of brown dead grass appear gradually over the spring and summer months, and by autumn, your lawn could be completely dead. If these brown spot start appearing, it could mean that your irrigation system isn’t reaching certain areas of the yard anymore. There are a number of reasons this occurs including poor water pressure, blockages or broken sprinkler heads or even an underground leak. A professional landscaper Perth will be able to assist you in identifying the exact problem with some simple checks.



Another indication that the irrigation system is malfunctioning is the appearance of puddles on the lawn, especially around the sprinkler heads. Over-watering can have the same consequences as under-watering: both result in unhealthy foliage. If there are puddles popping up on the lawn, it might be a sign that the sprinkler heads are clogged, poor drainage in the vicinity or water pressure that is too high.


Sprinkler Heads Won’t Come Up

Sprinkler heads that don’t pop up fully are a clear sign that there your reticulation system is in need of reparations. It could be a sign of low water pressure, either from the main water source or from leaks or damage elsewhere in the system. While sprinklers are designed to continuously spray water, they are not inherently self-cleaning. Soil, sand, dust and lawn clippings are just a few of the many things that could collect on top of the head preventing it from working efficiently.


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