Quality Kitchens - A Bargain Price at Renovator Auctions

20 April 2017
One of the upwardly trending areas of DIY home improvements is Kitchens. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are;

  • a professional renovator
  • renovating your own home
  • or updating to climb up the property ladder

Kitchens, from Auction Warehouses in Sydney, can be a cost effective way to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Most good Auction Warehouses often have a variety of premium kitchen fit outs listed. Many are left-over, end of run, or showroom stock from some of the most well-known quality kitchens suppliers. One of the key ways to get the most out of Auctions, is to keep watching what kitchens items are listed.  To make this easier most professional auction showrooms will have their catalogues online and updated before each auction occurs.

Another key factor to purchasing appropriate kitchens, is to know what you want. Make sure your local Auction Warehouse has the kitchen you’d like in stock. Good Auction Showrooms encourage anyone interested to come and view the stock before the auction is scheduled. They also have competent, knowledgeable staff who are on the floor guiding people who are new to the auction process.

Some Auction Warehouses even go as far as offering extremely cost effective new kitchens and installation services, through their showrooms. This type of one-stop-kitchens services, is backed up by the large variety of kitchens appliances and hardware, which are usually listed for Auction each week. It is not unusual to have listed, appliances as diverse as stove tops, ovens, mixer taps, fridge/freezers, dishwashers and rangehoods; most of which are warranty backed.

When combined with the choice wall and floor tiles, and splashbacks also available, suddenly the budget allocated to pay for kitchens renovations can drop dramatically.  A newly renovated kitchen is made even more feasible if you have the skills to fit out the kitchen yourself.

For DIY tragics who do have competent skills, and someone who is willing to help them (preferably a cabinet maker mate), ‘fitting out and installing kitchens’ is achievable. And there are a whole series of YouTube videos designed to help out. However, as already stated, good Auction Warehouses will not only offer new kitchens at a reasonable price, but will also be able to give you a list of professional kitchen installers who will come and ‘do the job for you’.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box, and pay a visit to one of the highly esteemed Auctions Showrooms, and find out just how much can be saved by purchasing kitchens and appliances by auction.


Kitchen appliances sold at Renovator Auctions every Wednesday and Saturday, based in Liverpool NSW.