Media Release for EnduroShield at Whale Beach

13 September 2017

Media release



Designer Beach House overlooking Whale Beach 

Glass has been used in construction for approximately 2000 years, and in the last few decades, the use of glass in buildings has increased remarkably. The trend towards eco-friendly materials and open plan living has made glass a very popular choice for residential construction, helped by advancements in glass coatings for ease of maintenance.

The EnduroShield coating is the finishing touch in the form of an applied treatment that enhances the performance of the glass. The advantages of EnduroShield can be utilized for so many glass applications around the home from exterior windows to shower screens.

This designer beach house overlooking Whale Beach, located in one the most exclusive coastal suburbs of northern Sydney has been constructed to make the most of its seaside aspect. EnduroShield easy clean treatment for glass was professionally applied to the interior and exterior of the building, and pool surround. The home has been designed with extensive use of frameless glass panels to optimize the view, allowing clear sight lines through to the stunning infinity pool and the beach beyond.

As the home is just metres away from the sea, all of the glazed areas were treated by EnduroShield to reduce the build-up of salt caused by constant ocean spray. The protective coating seals the porosity of the glass helping to prevent permanent staining from salt spray. The professional treatment will reduce the cost and effort of cleaning. Environmental benefits can also be taken into account as areas treated with EnduroShield require less water and no toxic chemicals for cleaning compared to untreated glass.

When constructing a beautiful new home or renovating an existing one, ensure the "wow" factor lasts for years to come with EnduroShield. Untreated glass is porous and absorbs contaminants which can lead to permanent etching and discoloration. EnduroShield keeps glass looking new, guaranteed for up to 10 years*. (Based on 10 years of simulated normal use and certified by TÜV Rheinland).

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