Emergency roof repairs

A failing roof needn't be the end of a home. Roof restoration or repair can bring new life to most houses. Find out more about how different types of roofs are restored.

How to reshingle a roof

From time to time, a shingle roof will need to be re-laid. Find out what's involved, and who should do this work.

How to reseal a roof

Getting your roof sealed has many advantages - the first and most obvious of which is that it effectively becomes completely waterproof. Learn more about roof sealing and resealing.

Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

A well maintained roof is vital to the health of your home. As people say when all else is going wrong - ‘at least I have a roof over my head’. Find out more about how to keep your roof well maintained.


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Climate control
Solid fuel heating

Solid fuel heating (wood, coal etc.)

Solid fuel heaters run on coal, wood and other combustible fuels. Where you live can have a big effect on the cost of solid fuels.

How to build a house
Prepare your house plans

Prepare your house plans

Many people will choose an existing house plan from a builder - perhaps with their own extensive customisations and tweaks - and others will choose to have a house designed from the ground up for their tastes by an architect or building designer.


How to choose a front door

The front door to your home is as much a statement of welcome as it is a security and insulation measure. Find out what sorts of things you should consider for the front door of your home.