Pergola maintenance

Pergola maintenance

A bit of care and attention from time to time will help to ensure that your pergola stands up to the elements and continues to look as good as it did when you installed it.

How to restain a deck or pergola

Over time, decks may lose their colour and lustre. Find out how to choose the right stain for your deck, and safely restain it to the best effect.


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Choosing a refrigerator is never easy - there are so many choices on offer and so many small differences - it's easy to get lost in the details. Read our guide to find out what's really important, and why.


Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating can keep your toes warm on cold mornings and keep the temperature in your house at a constant, comfortable level.

Home entertainment

What is overscan?

Overscanning is a hangover from older technologies - and if it's turned on, it may be affecting the quality of the image on your TV.