How to measure infiltration and air tightness

Part of establishing how well your home fares in terms of passive design is to establish how 'tight' it is. Learn more about how to test how much air leaks from your home.


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Decking materials

Decking can be made from all sorts of different timbers, and can be coloured, stained and weatherproofed using decking oils and treatments. Find out more about each, and their particular properties.


What you need to know about LEDs

LEDs are undoubtedly the future of lighting, says Philips Lighting’s Phil Compson. But there are things that you need to know to achieve the full benefits of the technology.

Why choose wind power

Why choose wind power?

Wind, like solar, can help you generate your own electricity using an infinite and fuel-free resource - and sometimes it may make more sense than solar. Find out if wind power is right for you.