How to maintain your hot water system

Proper routine hot water system maintenance isn't difficult if you know what you're doing - and it can double or triple the life of your hot water system. Find out what you can do to keep your hot water going.

Hot water maintenance

Hot water maintenance

A bit of routine maintenance and care can easily double or triple the lifespan of your hot water system. Find out how.

Gas hot water system

When to turn your hot water on and off

Running your hot water system can be expensive, especially when you're not there - but turning it off can be dangerous. Find out when you should turn your hot water off.

Solar collectors

How to clean hot water solar panels

Solar panels are relatively expensive, and because they're on your roof they're constantly exposed to the elements. Find out how to safely clean your solar panels.

Hot water emergencies

6 hot water emergencies - and how to deal with them

No hot water? Hot water tank leaking? Don't panic! Depending on what's wrong, there are a few basic steps you can follow to assess and control the situation.


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Home automation
How to make your home smarter

Make your home 'smarter'

Want to retrofit 'smart home' technology into a house, but not sure what's involved? The first thing you'll need to do is figure out what sort of systems you're after, and how they'll be integrated.

Hot water
Hot water system regulations

Hot water system regulations

Find out what regulations apply to different types of hot water systems, and how those regulations affect the way your system is selected, installed and maintained.