Light switch styles

Light switch styles 
There are light switches to match all styles and colours.

When it comes to interior or lighting design, one of the last things people think about are switches. They're a small and functional detail, and many people assume their options are white... or white. Not so.


Designer light switches

Switches are seen as more of a functional tool than piece of art or technology. As a result, leading electrical accessory manufacturers have released a range of designer-friendly power point and switch casings that will match the most modern interior designs.

What this means is that instead of settling for the same $2 white plastic switches as everyone else, you can opt for a mesh, glass, stainless steel or even leather alternative. The idea behind these boutique switches is to provide a choice to customers because, as is the case with cars and shoes, people don’t all want the same switches.


But it’s not just fancy finishes that can make a light switch a design element in your home. You can now have light switches that have an incredibly low profile – that protrude only a few millimetres from the wall. Alternatively you can even have spring-loaded, pop-up power outlets that are hidden when not in use.


Retro light switches

For those of you who are renovating older properties but would like to maintain the rustic feel of the property, there are switches and sockets designed to look like antique fittings while adhering to today's safety standards and the reliability of modern materials.

Finally, one of the biggest problems people find with home control is the difficulty in remembering which buttons do what. A few manufacturers have solved that problem with custom laser-etched labelling to let you know what you are controlling.

Talk with your designer or electrician about what's available, or take a look for yourself at your local hardware store.

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