Landscaping Advice To Make Small Outdoor Spaces Seem Bigger

23 October 2018

There’s so many things that make us feel good about our homes, but one of the most important is the outdoor space that comes with it. That can mean a balcony or a garden, and it’s where we gather for parties and barbeques with family and friends or where our kids play or simply where we chill out at the weekend. But if that space is a bit… small?

Having an outdoor space that feels tiny can really have a big impact on your lives, especially if it stops you inviting friends round or you feel like you can’t relax there. Of course, there’s not often much you can do to physically make it bigger - not without starting a war with your neighbours - but there are tricks you can try to make it FEEL bigger, which will make a huge difference to how you feel about it.

Most of these tips and tricks are about the psychology of a garden or balcony, like what colour your walls or fences are. A darker colour can make the space seem smaller, but if you use a soft, light colour, it can make the boundaries feel further away and less intrusive. Similarly, on a balcony you can use a mirror to cover one of the walls to help give that feeling of additional space in a really simple way.

Where you place furniture is also crucial to the look and feel of an outdoor space, and not just because cluttering it up will inevitably make it seem small. But, more subtle changes can still make a difference, like placing a focal point at the front or side or your garden or balcony, which leads your eye across the space rather than allowing it to travel straight to the end.

The layout of your garden can also be crucial in making it seem bigger than it is, so if you’re thinking of making big changes, try and use oval and rectangular shapes and breaking them up if possible with something like a path.

On a balcony, place shelves up high to draw the eyes up and create the illusion of space, while using artificial turf on the floor and rattan or wicker furniture are both good suggestions for creating a homely and light and airy space that you will want to use as much as possible, regardless of how small it might have once felt.



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