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How to weatherproof your home

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08 June 2018

It’s been mentioned in previous posts on this website that energy use and sustainability are growing concerns in Australia, and as a result there has been increasing emphasis put on the importance of incorporating ‘passive design’ in house design and renovations. This can help to maintain comfortable interior temperatures with minimal use of mechanical heating and cooling.

Cowdroy, an Australia manufacturer of door track systems and accessories, has released a guide on how to insulate and achieve weather sealing that will use minimal energy while improving comfort and reducing energy bills.

Cowdroy Australia national business manager Peter Doyle says the first step to passive design is weather sealing your home.

“According to Sustainable Living Guide, weather proofing your house is important as draughts can account for up to 25% of heat loss from a home in winter.”

There are specific products designed to combat air leakage and draughts that can be integrated into any design and easily installed on to jambs, faces or edges of doors and windows. These products can also eliminate dust, rain, light and sound.

Below are Cowdroy’s tips for how to weatherproof your home.

Internal doors

An internal door seal will automatically improve the functionality of your door by minimising the amount of light, sound and draughts from other areas of the home.


To further protect your home from heavy rainfall and strong winds, Cowdroy recommends window seals, such as the company’s Perimeter Seals, which are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes.

External doors

Weather seals can also be installed on external doors to minimise the effects of external elements such as wind, rain, light and sound while also improving energy efficiency.

Filling internal gaps

Internal gaps between walls and skirting boards and between floorboards can contribute to draughts. Cowdroy’s gas fillers have been developed to easily manoeuvre around corners and are moisture resistant and highly durable.