How to Properly Install and Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

13 July 2017

Air conditioning is almost a necessity on hot summer days, however, in order to decrease the energy bills as well as to save energy and maximize the efficiency while increasing the comfort, there are certain things you need to do. Firstly, you need to install an energy efficient air conditioner in your home and secondly, you need to maintain the air conditioner on a regular basis. For maintenance of the air conditioner, you can hire air conditioner professionals and they will repair the machines in a proper way. Apart from that, you need to change the filter of the air conditioner after a certain time, and you need to call the air conditioner services for the same.

Air Conditioner for Home

How do you Maintain your Air Conditioner?

#1. Call a professional: The AC should be cleaned, inspected as well as tuned by a person who is licensed and bonded as well as insured as an HVAC professional. This should be done before the summers begin. 

#2. Filters: The filters are important as they keep away the dust, the dirt, the grime, the microscopic particles, and allergens. However, if these filters are not cleaned, the efficiency of the AC decreases and worse still if these are not cleaned, the impure air gets circulated. If the filter is clogged, in order to supply cool air, the system will need to work harder to provide cool air thereby consuming more power. Filter replacement helps in saving money as well as in conserving energy and for the efficient functioning of the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Installation

How do you install the Air Conditioner in a Proper Way?

Air conditioners should be in closed rooms and you need to check the insulation system of the rooms before installing the air conditioner. When it is insulated, it can run efficiently as the air which is in a shaded area is cooler than the air which is in the direct sunlight. Therefore, the air-conditioner will be able to cool the air easier.

#1. The thermostat should not be kept near any appliances which give off heat such as the television, lamps or other such appliances. For the same reason, it should not be placed where the sunlight will shine directly on it as this makes the air conditioner work longer than it would otherwise have been necessary, as it senses the heat of the appliances or the direct sunlight.

#2. A programmable thermostat is a smart investment and this automatically sets the timer so in case you forget, this does the work for you and saves valuable money.

#3. The HVAC model should be replaced if the system is not energy efficient as you will lose a lot on utility bills. When you want to install an air conditioner, you should choose one that is properly sized. If it is too large, the efficiency will be reduced as also if it is too small.

Air Conditioner Expert

How do you Save the Energy Consumption bill by Maintaining the Air Conditioning System?

  • #1. You should seal leaks by caulking as well as weather stripping. The insulation should be added around the ducts which will also help.

    #2. In order to save even more energy, the windows should be fitted with tinted films. This decreases the heat coming in.

    #3. Plant and shrubs should be removed from around the outdoor unit as this will decrease the airflow.

    #4. The units should be properly installed. Improper installation of even the most efficient system will result in wastage of huge amounts of energy.

So now you can install the air conditioner by hiring some trained professionals, and it is suggested to maintain the air condition system on a regular basis. 


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