How to pick the right mattress for your bedroom?

15 May 2017


The quality of your mattress determines how well you sleep at night and feel comfortable during the waking hours. When you go out to buy a mattress, there are myriads of thoughts running through your mind, often making you nervous about the purchase. Since mattress is one of the significant investments you make in years, you will not want to go wrong at point to feel the buyer's remorse later.

So, here are a few points to consider when buying a mattress in Brisbane or anywhere else.


Before you visit the store, research your options online so that you know the size as well as the type of mattress you want. Use references from the past when you had liked a mattress at some hotel or friend's place. This should help you get closer to what you need.

Determine your budget

There's a mattress for every budget and individual requirements. So, look into your needs and figure out the best that you can have for a set budget.

Choose the store wisely

There are several stores that sell mattresses, but choosing the right one is crucial to your purchase. Your seller must be able to provide the necessary information and attention you deserve. If you are not good at shopping, seek help from a friend or family to decide on the right store.

Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you can to understand your options better and make an informed choice using all the information you have. If you don't get the desired information from the salesperson, speak with the store manager or consider a different store.

Try Out a Few Mattresses

Once you have picked a few mattresses, try them out before finalising the purchase. Lie down on the mattress to see if it offers the desired comfort. Give at least a minute to each position you lie down in. If you want to know the actual comfort and support the said mattress is capable of offering, spend at least 15 minutes in the position you usually relax or sleep in.

Take second opinion

If you are married, you should take your partner along with you to see how it goes down with both of you. Ask your partner to roll over on the other mattress to see if it causes any disturbance on your side.

With these simple tips, it is hoped that you will get the mattress you need.