How to optimize noise reduction with window blinds

13 July 2017

Do you have noisy neighbors? Next, you should be aware of noise reduction blinds. It is true that some blinds can reduce the noise level in your home. You do not need to hear the train going, the next part to, or even passing cars. Read on to know how noise reduction tones can help block unwanted noise.

Choosing the Best Window Sound Absorption Curtains

When it comes to blocking the sound, you want a window treatment that can absorb the sound. There are two types to choose from highly recommended to maximize noise reduction.

Cellular curtains to reduce noise and block light

For rooms that have to filter out light and noise, you can not go wrong with cellular curtains. Whether you purchase single or double blinds, you will be blocking out the noise with the unique honeycomb design.

Honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular blinds as they consist of individual cells combined together.

 These blinds are perfect for creating a home theater. They are also ideal for creating the perfect sleeping environment. Anyone who needs to sleep during the day, it will be convenient to choose the cellular curtains.

Fusion tones block the noise and follow the style

Anyone who likes the look of Roman shades, but who wants a noise reduction, buy wisely the choice of fusion shades. These are two window treatments in one product. It combines traditional romantic blinds and a honeycomb trim. The result is Roman shades with reduced cellular noise.

In light of recent withdrawals from the Roman shade market, blend curtains offer the added benefit of a protective coating. Recall the effects of Roman style tones, where the cable is exposed. The lining in the fused shadow hides the cable, making it impossible for children to be caught accidentally.

Important installation tips

For optimum sound reduction, you want to get the perfect fit. If the blinds are not the right size, so the noise reduction is not so good. Therefore, it is important to follow some measurement and installation guidelines.

Measurements - Check with the manufacturer to see how measurement is recommended. In most cases, the recommendation is to measure height and width in three different places.

Installation - Before starting the installation, make sure you have all the parts and tools. Then follow the instructions for the blind. All curtains are installed exactly the same way and the fact of losing the step can affect the quality of noise reduction. Finally, use a level. There are too many people who are trying to control the installation and to create awnings that are just the eyes.

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