How to make small home design look big and spacious

12 February 2018

Most people are shunning the idea of big homes and have started living in smaller houses for a variety of reasons, including that they're easier to maintain and cheaper. 

This doesn't mean your home has to look small though and there are a number of options you can use to make your home look bigger and brighter, with an easy flow of energy. Below we look at some of the ways to do this. 

  • White – White is a serene and calm colour that defines infinity. It is the color of abundance just like the sky above us. The white colour not only illuminates the room, making it look brighter, but also enhances the flow of natural light. This gives a bigger and cleaner feel.
  • Different colours for different areas – When the house is smaller, it makes sense to have different area themes. For example, a reading corner can be painted with light shades of green near the window, while the bathroom walls can be painted blue. 
  • Use of big furniture – Some may wonder why a small home needs big furniture but it can actually make homes look bigger. It wards off the feel of a small home and makes it look large.
  • Display of artwork – A nice colour painting or some kind of artwork above the eye level gives the illusion of a tall ceiling.

3D Rendering Studio It is highly important and necessary for smaller homes to have natural light and open spaces, this allows the free flow of energy that constitutes positive energy in the house internally. The most important two characteristics of a small home are natural light and access to the outdoors.


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