How to get the best sound out of your home theatre!

17 May 2017



To all the sound lovers and avid TV-watchers, a sound system is of prime importance. It can really make or break your viewing experience. The audio market is full of brands to choose from and sound systems that range from simple to complex. However, the rule for installation remains the same. No matter which type of speakers you select, you’ll want to be paying extra attention to the setup to get the most out of it.

Having a good speaker set up is what amplifies the sound and creates a more realistic experience. After-all there’s a reason why you don’t exactly prefer watching TV on mute right? The first step is to select a premium quality set of speakers or sound system. Secondly, you’ll want to get speaker stands. This helps not just in providing more room space but also betters the sound output.

The Golden Rule of Speakers

Your otherwise regular TV can turn into a home theatre when it has sound that feels larger than life. The speakers you purchase will include a front speaker and side speakers.

The first step is to analysis your home using the Golden rectangle rule. Your centre speaker is best placed above or below your television. As for the side speakers, they will obviously need to be placed at the side to create that surround sound feel. As per this rule, it works well to keep your speakers 90 cm from the front wall.

With regard to the distance from the side wall, calculate 1.6 times the distance of the speaker from the front wall and mount it on a stand there. You will notice that this places the speaker parallel to where you might be seated or a little behind.

Mounting a speaker on the stand works extra well as it avoids sound absorption if it were to be placed without a stand, leaving you with lower sound quality. For speakers that have bass ports below, it is a must for them to be supported by stands. A quick tip is to ensure the stands you select are of excellent quality to support the weight of the speakers.

How to use a sub-woofer with a sound system?

Now that you’ve decided to get a sound system in place, you would want to utilise it to its full capacity. Why stop now when you’re only one step short of perfection? Enter the ‘sub-woofer’. Functionally it is engineered to reproduce extremely low bass frequencies which give more depth to the sound you’re listening to. It is best for you to place it in the front corner of the room or in the front. Since its bass frequencies are non-directional it works well to be placed anywhere. However, given the layouts and components of rooms, most people tend to prefer having it in the above two spots.

It is of course a given that once you position the speakers and speaker stands in the correct places, you can face it towards your seating position. This enables the sound to be directed at you and is also at the right distance to create a good sound impact. Picking the right sound system that suits your budget and fulfils your need can be tricky. You may want to seek professional advice before you dive right into it. And don’t forget to install it correctly to avoid any mishaps or compromise on the benefits.

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