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How to Find a Qualified Contractor for Your Building Project

10 September 2017

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or you just want to add more usable square footage to your home, you need to hire an experienced and qualified contractor. When hiring a contractor, there are several aspects to be taken into consideration, including their professional experience, qualifications, as well as their personal traits. After all, you need to find someone who is right for the job and an agreeable person. Here are some guidelines that will help you cover the basics and hire a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

Do your research

The first step is consulting with your friends and family to see whether they know a reliable contractor. It’s important to do your research thoroughly and browse the Internet to find out more about local contractors and their work. If you come across a contracting company, make sure to check how long they’ve been in business. In addition, don’t forget to check the client reviews and how satisfied the customers were. The safest option is going with a contractor from a reputable company or personally recommended by your friend.

Set a budget

Setting a budget for your building project and contracting services is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to end up with a bill that you don’t have money to pay for. Once you’ve set up your budget limits, you’ll narrow down your options and focus on a particular set of services. Just keep in mind that building projects might be quite challenging and that paying some extra money can be a long-term investment.

Set up an interview

Once you’ve found a contractor’s contact information, you should set up an interview during which you should ask all the questions you have about their experience and previous work, necessary permits and the building project itself. It’s essential that you ask them to show you their resume, licence and registration number, proof of liability insurance that will cover any possible damage to your property, etc. Leave no stone unturned and ask any question you might have.

Discuss the price and the payment

After finding a prospective candidate, you need to discuss the price and payment method. Based on the project, a contractor will be able to give you the estimate of the final bill. Don’t be blinded by a low price because there might be hidden costs – always ask what services are covered.
When it comes to the payment method, don’t hire a person who asks everything in advance! The common practice is paying after a portion of the work has been done or after a certain period of time. Ask them to set up a payment schedule that will define both time and the amount of your payment.

Put it in writing

No matter how reliable and trustworthy a contractor seems, make sure to create a written contract that will include every single detail. If they provide a contract themselves, you should review it carefully before signing and ask for your copy of the contract.

Get ready for construction

Getting everything ready for the building project is essential and you should do it together with your contractor. Ask them about their work routine, how many people will work on the projects and whether there’s something you need to do. Although all of these questions should be answered before hiring a contractor, you should still discuss them before the project starts. Make sure to check whether the building site is safe and properly prepared for the construction.

Don’t forget about post-building work

The job isn’t done when the construction is completed. Only when everything is properly cleaned can you call it a day. If your contractor doesn’t provide clean-up services, you can always hire professionals for construction waste removal who will dispose of the debris and waste quickly and efficiently. It’s important that you hire experts who will comply with the waste removal standards and laws.

With the help of a respectable and trustworthy contractor, your building project will run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your research thoroughly and hire the right person for the job. 


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