How Do You Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

10 January 2019

Cockroaches contaminate your food, transmit dangerous bacteria and they can survive even after attempting the best eradication steps and pest control sprays.  There are many species of cockroaches such as German cockroach, American cockroach, Australian cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and Brown banded cockroach.

Their complete eradication is possible by hiring some of the best pest control companies or by adopting some of the tricks and tools.

 The question arises how?

By adopting some of the following mentioned tips:

  • Problem identification and professional help

Identify the root cause of the problem. Search for the route from where they are coming, hire professionals if the infestation is too large as they have advanced pest control methods. Cockroach pest control Brisbane are well known for their services.

  • Eliminate the food sources

Cockroaches survive on spilled food and drinks. They enter inside the opened packets of cereals and other food items. So, try to clean the spillages as soon as you spot them and make sure that you seal the packets of food after their usage. Besides, the professionals also provide natural pest control treatment plans on demand.

  • Try to eliminate their residing places

Cockroaches generally live in areas that are devoid of light. Their favourite places include stacks of paper, cardboard boxes, and others. So it is better to remove the useless things from the house. For reliable and affordable pest control, try putting a full stop on their hiding places.


  • Seal the cracks

Cockroaches enter the houses through cracks in the walls and spaces between the windows. Try to seal such places with door sweeps, clear caulk or steel wool.

  • Clean and empty the kitchen cabinets

As stated that cockroaches love to live in empty and dark spaces, so try sealing the cabinets that are not in use anymore. Clean them thoroughly and seal them so that not a single one enters them.

  • Use cockroach baits

It is one of the most common methods of getting rid of cockroaches. Baits come in three formats - liquid, solid and gel forms. Place the bait where there is heavy infestation. The toxin not only kills the cockroach who has consumed the toxin but also the other ones through secondary transmissions.


  • Cockroach bombs

These are effective in controlling cockroach infestation as they leave the residues that lasts up-to 3 months but before using them, cover the toys of children so as to avoid sticking of bomb residue on them.

  • Cockroach fumigation

This method is used mostly for the outdoor areas such as warehouses, agricultural places, mills etc. and the professionals do it more effectively. Here, a gas is introduced in the infested area to cut down the population.


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