How To Assess The Quality Of A Roofing Job

17 March 2017


There are lots of outdoor signs advertising roof painting jobs for as little as $1,650. In some states, this number can actually go down to $1,200. However, at a closer look, you'll see that those signs actually say "from $1,650", which is definitely a different thing.

Some of these contractors may come to you and quote you, let's say $3,000, which as also quite a reasonable price. When questioned, they would reply that the painting alone is worth $1,650, but your roof also needs re-pointing and the replacement of broken tiles.

The biggest problem is that that pain alone is more expensive than that, and we are not talking here about the highest quality product.

The question is how can these contractors paint your roof so cheaply?

There are several ways they can lower their costs, one of them being to use very low quality paint. The result is usually a poor quality roofing job.

Most probably, the roofer contracts to a larger roofing company, and does stand alone jobs only occasionally. Whenever he is employed for roofing works by the larger company, he keeps the left-over paint, which is actually the property of that company, and stores it for later use. In time, this guy accumulates enough paint to cover a whole roof. However, this is always going to be watered-down paint, being therefore less durable. This isn't the highest quality roof restoration work ever, so you may not want to go for it!

Cutting corners is another way these companies manage to keep their prices lower than the market average. You can find below a few examples of cutting corners:

  • Glue up broken corners on damaged tiles instead of replacing them. Some of these companies even glue up entire broken tiles, thus saving money by not buying replacement ones.
  • Patch-point the ridge and hip caps, rather than doing things the correct way, which would be to do a full re-point.
  • Over-pointing instead of re-bedding, should this kind of operation be needed.
  • Using too little paint.

These are only a few things these companies do in order to save money and deliver very cheap roofing jobs. Nonetheless, this is always inferior quality work, so you shouldn't expect it to last for too long.

These being said, you should know that it is possible for some roofers to offer you cheaper quotes, while still using reasonable quality materials. Nonetheless, these quotes are never going to be as low as half the other quotes on the market.

When choosing your contractor, you should always ask them about some of their previous work. Besides, if you stay away from quotes that look too good to be true, you have good chances to get a nice and durable roofing job done.

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