Hot water system types



Different hot water systems suit different needs, and the type you choose will depend both on your demand for hot water, and what sorts of fuels are available.Broadly speaking, in most cases you'll be choosing between a hot water system fuelled by solar energy, electricity, natural gas, LPG or geothermal energy - or a combination of these fuels.

Most homes in Australia are also likely to use either a continuous flow hot water system (i.e. a tankless or instantaneous system) or a storage tank system - and possibly some enhancements to make your system either more convenient or more efficient.

Fuel types for hot water systems

Fuel types for hot water systems

The type of fuel your hot water heater uses can mean the difference between huge bills and no bills at all. Find out what types of fuel are right for your hot water system.

Tank storage and continuous flow

Traditionally hot water systems have relied on tank storage, but recently continuous flow systems have begun to prove their worth in a big way. See what suits your needs.

Instant hot water enhancements

Using hot water enhancements can not only improve the supply of hot water to your bathroom, but also help to reduce the amount of water you waste.


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