Hardwood Floating Flooring – Essential for Modern Kitchens

21 March 2017

Instead of just being the area on which we walked, now hardwood floating flooring has become a key design element in many contemporary kitchens. There are many features of hardwood floating flooring that make them almost irresistible to many kitchens renovators. But the most irresistible feature would have to be the way a hardwood floating flooring can dramatically improve the appearance of nearly all kitchens.  Replacing or covering aging and worn kitchens tiles or vinyl with hardwood floating flooring makes sense in many different ways.

One of the consistently trending fashions in contemporary décor would have to be the clean, uncluttered look of hardwood flooring. However, many kitchens are based on concrete slabs or other building materials such as particle board. So renovators are immediately faced with a dilemma, either give up the idea of obtaining the warm hardwood flooring look, or lay floating flooring over existing flooring instead. The majority of renovators are choosing the latter option and are laying high quality floating flooring in kitchens and other living spaces, as this is by far a cheaper way of getting the desired look. Luckily there are some outlets which specialise in handling out sized packs, over runs, discontinued or demonstration stock at even more cost effective price.

Australia is one of the leading countries in producing premium floating flooring, so floating flooring can easily be found in a range of impressive Australian Hardwoods that have been sustainably sourced.  So, it isn’t too difficult to choose hardwood flooring which will harmonise with most contemporary colour schemes. 

Apart from the obvious pleasing appearance of floating hardwood floors, there is much to recommend installing them in kitchens.

  • New fashioned hardwood floating flooring is long lasting and can take all the wear and tear that many types of flooring
  • Asthmatics and other allergy sufferers generally love the ‘no fibres’ and easy cleaning aspects of hardwood floating flooring
  • Designed to be relatively easy to lay over almost any existing base flooring, new fashioned hardwood floating flooring gives a smooth, fresh appearance to almost any kitchen floor
  • Hardwood floating flooring already has a final layer of finish applied, so it can walked on not long after it has been installed
  • Similarly to other types of wooden flooring, new fashioned floating flooring is now allows for re-sanded and re-finished to extend the life of the flooring

Hardwood floating flooring allows renovators the opportunity to provide modern kitchens with a warm, contemporary appearance, without having to replace the flooring base. 

Hardwood Floating Flooring