The Giacomo Yandoit house

26 September 2016

The completed renovation of the Giacomo Yandoit house  has won the Best Use of Windows and Doors in a Residential Renovation Award at the 2016 Australian Window Association (AWA) Design Awards.

Recognising fenestration products that complement and enhance the design of a dwelling or building, the award aims to highlight windows and doors that contribute to, and improve, the attractiveness of a building.

Located in Yandoit, Victoria, the original building was a church constructed in 1884 by Giacomo Sartori. After falling into disrepair, the property was acquired by a local builder and transformed with a major renovation and two-storey building addition adjoined to the 1884 structure – resulting in a unique and stunning modern family home with a five-star building performance. 

 The design brief focused on restoring the nave as the focal point of the home, as well as maximising the sweeping views of the lush rural surroundings.

All the windows from the original church nave were restored and fitted with custom Stegbar western red cedar window frames – a wood environmentally sourced from sustainable forests, which is also naturally resistant to termites, rot and decay.

In addition to the custom design and sustainable material choice, aluminium awning, casement and fixed windows, as well as hinged and sliding doors, were used throughout the rest of the home, creating a feeling of space and flooding the home with natural light.

“The northerly orientation of the daytime living areas, as well as the placement of the large windows on the northern side of the home allows for the building to fully utilise passive solar heating in the winter,” says Stegbar national marketing manager Christine Evans.

 Not just aesthetically appealing, the home’s windows are double-glazed, WERs rated and are up to 62% better at retaining heat than standard three millimetre aluminium framed windows – ideal considering the cold weather conditions of the local area.

Additionally, the choice of awning, fixed and casement windows throughout the new two-storey wing of the property not only helps to keep the home warm during the cold winters typical of rural Victoria, but also adds to the sustainability and energy efficiency of the build.

“The awning, fixed and casement windows feature strong sealing sashes, helping the home to stay warm and cosy throughout the cold season,” says Christine.

 The end result is a stunning property that seamlessly integrates high-quality materials and a modern design sensibility with heritage finishes.