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Expert tips for installing plasterboard

24 August 2015

Plasterboard is often the material of choice for DIYers as it’s easy to install. While it is fairly simple to whack up some boards, though, getting a truly professional finish is much harder. Fortunately, Gyprock has come to the aid of DIYers across Australia with a new series of videos on how to install plasterboard like a pro.

The series is freely and readily available on the Gyrock YouTube channel, GyprockTV.

The videos take you step-by-step through the various processes and tools needed to install plasterboard with the perfect finish. Through the power of YouTube, you can watch, pause, and rewatch that bit you didn’t quite understand – all from the comfort of your own home.

The presenters are all professional Gyprock installers sharing their expert tips learnt from years on the job.  

The series covers how to:

  • Plan, prepare and measure up
  • Handle, measure and cut plasterboard
  • Install walls and ceilings
  • Tape and set joints
  • Cut and install cornice
  • Sand and finish plasterboard joints
  • How to repair holes, dents, nicks and scrapes
  • How to fill in a doorway and other openings

While the content specifically references Gyprock, many of the techniques and tips could be applied to other plasterboard.

Gyprock hopes the series will encourage seasoned DIYers to stretch themselves under the right guidance with professional tutorials. “While there are certainly more difficult projects that should be left to the trade’s professionals, small projects such as repairing, installing and finishing plasterboard walls and ceilings are surprisingly easy to accomplish once you have been shown how to do it the right way,” says Najwa Khoury, Gyprock Marketing Manager.

You can watch the first video below. 


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