Enhance Your House Safety with Locksmith Services

09 December 2017

Locksmith is a term referred to a person who makes keys for locks. Not only he makes the keys of the locks, but also fixes the broken keys, provide paddle locks, install security systems such as alarms in the lock, TV monitoring systems, UPVC (UnPlasticized Polyvinylchloride) doors and repairs the locks. Today, in this modern society, security is an important criterion to be emphasized in all homes, buildings, offices and etc. Hence, it has a wide scope and is highly needed today.

Locksmith Services

Helps to Keep You Safe 

A good locksmith fulfills all the safety needs of his customers and are highly needed in home areas for providing reliable security systems. In the worst circumstances where the key is either lost or misplaced, then in such a situation a duplicate key is needed which can be provided by the locksmith as he also performs the function of cutting of key. Cutting of key is usually done either by electronic key cutting machine or by the use of punch systems, as the case may be or as the situation demands. Generally, the locksmith prefers to cut keys from the original set of keys, so that there exists no chances of inaccuracy and the duplicate key fits into the lock easily. There are circumstances where sometimes a person finds that he has locked the keys in the car or in his house, then the locksmith can help them out in unlocking the lock with the use of lock picking machines.

Single Resolution Ready for Several Clients

In the required cases, a locksmith provides for a master key system. This means, each key has a separate lock and also there is one master key to open all the locks. They are used in high classes of homes like bungalows etc. where a specified number of rooms require individual locks to be fixed for security purposes. This type of system has replaced the old traditional system of keeping a number of keys in a single ring. A locksmith must keep his knowledge updated with all the latest technologies and methods concerning with the security system along with the latest inventions and developments being done in this field. He must be capable enough to unlock the lock without causing any damage to it. A Locksmith must ensure 24/7 availability so that person can enjoy his services whenever required.


Master in Latest Technology

A locksmith must provide for both electronic as well as biometric locks. Both of these systems secure the home from unauthorized access and intruders. These provide very high level of security for homes. Electronic locks works using a reader (which is attached to the lock) and a card (which is inserted into the reader) to open it. The card has a chip fixed inside it to communicate with the reader using signals and provides access. Working of such a lock is similar to that of an ATM system. On the other hand, working of a Biometric Lock is based on our physiological characteristics. A scanner is attached to biometric locks which scan our finger prints, iris feature or sometimes face recognition and grants access. Finger Print scanning in biometric locks are more commonly being used in today’s scenario. They scan the finger prints of person who need access. A chip is attached in the lock which stores a database of information containing the details of authorized persons. The scanned copy is compared with the details in the chip. If the person’s finger print matches with the details stored in the chip, he is given access whereas access is denied due to occurrence of any sort of mismatch.

The Locksmith also provide for certain other kinds of locks such as deadbolts, dead latches, window locks and master key system etc. Deadbolts and dead latches uses double cylinder for security. On the other hand, the window locks block the thieves who try to enter into your house by breaking the windows or by the use of other illegal means. Alarm system provides a quality security to your home. It detects the actions such as door breaking, window opening, smoke or fire and notifies the authorized persons of the home by ringing an alarm. Moreover, people should be very careful in selecting a locksmith because in some cases he himself may steal things since we are handing over our security needs to him. Hence,locksmith plays an important role in modern society.