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5 radical ways sustainability will change our houses      by   Darcy Wilson

16 March 2015

Nothing like a few predictions to make yourself cringe in 10 years' time... with that in mind, here are a few ways homes could change radically in the foreseeable future as sustainability becomes a real focus: 1...

6 incredible homes built mostly for cats     by   Darcy Wilson

03 February 2015

Bloody cats. This post was originally going to be about cat AND dog friendly renovations, but the cat lovers win - hands down...


7 tricks to make your small bathroom bigger     by   Darcy Wilson

19 January 2015

You've bought a new place, and the bathroom looks like it was designed and built by an agoraphobic, photosensitive drunk at some point around the lowest ebb of the great depression...

Jedi mind tricks: how to sell your home for more     by   Darcy Wilson

25 November 2014

Home buying guides all seem to reel off the same platitudes: set an upper limit, bid early / late, get a prepurchase inspection, turn on the cold logic, and approach the task with the hard, stony heart of a hangman...

Beyond the stars: how to build greener     by   Darcy Wilson

11 November 2014

CSR House, which was built as an experiment in sustainable, affordable house design. There have been some pretty dramatic changes made over the last decade or so to how we build our homes. Good changes...

26 of the world's most stunning home offices     by   Darcy Wilson

13 October 2014

Even the most lazily prepared home offices have more character and warmth than the sun starved, lowest-common-denominator melamine clad shame cubicles so many of us inhabit for half of our conscious hours these days. If you work from home, you get to choose where you sit...

27 amazing homes built from 11 unusual materials     by   Darcy Wilson

30 September 2014

We don't have the exact figures on hand, but it's very safe to say that most houses are built using the traditional, conventional stuff - bricks and mortar, timber or steel frames - you get the idea...

Interior design colour predictions for 2015     by   Darcy Wilson

27 August 2014

I think I mentioned last time that I'm not too good with colour - but it's always interesting to read these predictions and hear more from the experts about what's likely to dominate the trends...


Reinventing the bathroom - Bathroom Innovation Awards 2014     by   Darcy Wilson

25 August 2014

The trends and gadgets constantly come and go, but modern (western-style) bathrooms really haven't changed in any substantial way for about 100 years - and there's a pretty compelling case to be made for the fact that the whole concept's long overdue for a dramatic shake-up...


16 clever ways to improve your balcony     by   Darcy Wilson

19 August 2014

A naked, unadorned balcony's a sad sight. You've paid for all that glorious outdoor living space, and haven't managed to get the neurons firing in a way that lets you put it to proper use...

BDAV Awards 2014: The Winners' Gallery     by   Darcy Wilson

30 July 2014

The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) held its awards night last weekend, and we were lucky enough to go along. There were some spectacular homes on display, both as winners, as highly commended runners up and as nominees...

6 of the world's best games rooms     by   Darcy Wilson

22 July 2014

You don't have to be dripping with money to appreciate the appeal of a dedicated games room - and there's no hard and fast rule that says what kind of games it has to accommodate. This week we're showcasing six of the most interesting dedicated games rooms we've seen for a while. Enjoy! 1...


Spot the difference: rendered or real?     by   Darcy Wilson

27 June 2014

Here's an interesting secret about those perfect houses that you look at in catalogues and on sites like Pinterest: more and more of them are fake...

Vote for the BDAV 'People's Choice' 2014     by   Darcy Wilson

02 June 2014

The title says it all really - I got an email this morning saying that the voting's open for this year's BDAV People's Choice Awards ...

25 amazing ideas for kids bedrooms     by   Darcy Wilson

19 May 2014

There's plenty of scope for clever design when it comes to kids' bedrooms - not just to make things look fun, but also to make the most of space, to give them a place to play, and - more importantly - to build the kinds of brilliant things we'd love to have in our bedrooms as adults if people weren'...


10 of Australia's best 'face saving' renovations     by   Darcy Wilson

05 May 2014

It can be hard to let go of a nice old house, no matter how much you want to drag it into the 21st century. Sometimes it's a nostalgic thing. Other times, it's because your local council wants to prevent you from expressing your bold 'tastes' in ways that are likely to make the neighbours squirm...

16 incredible renovation finds     by   Darcy Wilson

23 April 2014

In the backs of our minds, we're all quietly hoping to uncover something a bit special when we renovate an old house...


Winners gallery: houses from the Dulux Colour Awards, 2014     by   Darcy Wilson

28 March 2014

Each year Dulux holds its Dulux Colour Awards to honour architects and designers who use colour in innovative ways - and to showcase the excellent work they've been doing...

9 of the world's most incredible back yards     by   Darcy Wilson

25 March 2014

I won't surprise anyone by saying that here in Australia we love our back yards. We've got the weather for it, a whole host of TV shows, radio shows and magazines dedicated to them - and the space and expendable incomes necessary to do create some amazing things...

How Google wants to control your home     by   Darcy Wilson

20 February 2014

For years, people have spoken with great conviction and excitement about a big surge towards pervasive, high tech home automation...