Centipedes - Is it a Permanent inhabitant in your house?

22 May 2019

Mostly, centipedes live in places where weeds are abundant. Garden owners have to implement effective centipede weed control at the first sight of these centipede insects in order to control their presence. Centipedes are considered to be a remote part of the family of lobsters. Although these insects live on land they do prefer high humidity. Opinion is divided on their status as pest or beneficial insect.

Centipedes can be considered beneficial in that they prey on worms, slugs, and fly larvae. Like any insect, however, centipedes can proliferate to the point that home or house centipede control measures become necessary.

It is quite easy to confuse millipedes with centipedes as their appearance is quite similar. Millipedes, however, have twice as many legs as centipedes but move more slowly. They also feed on vegetations and crops but unlike centipedes do not exhibit any carnivorous behavior.

Types of Centipedes

Some of the types of centipedes you may encounter include:

House Centipedes

House centipedes have long legs. They are seen mostly on the basement floor or in attics. They prefer to be in cooler places indoors. They hunt roaches, crickets, and similar insects. Still, get rid of house centipedes should be implemented quickly to prevent them from multiplying in large numbers.

Although the house centipede is capable of biting humans, such instances are rare. Like most creatures, the centipede will attack if it feels threatened or is crowded or subjected to pressure. When bites do occur, they are comparable to a bee sting.


Stone Centipedes

Unlike house centipedes, stone centipedes are seen under rocks and logs. They are shorter, attaining a length of an inch and a half. They have 15 pairs of legs. Just like their house dwelling cousins, they will feed on many insects that you do not want in your yard and garden and for this reason; you may want to think twice before you eliminate all of them from the premises.

Centipede Habitat and Diet

Centipedes are likely to be found living inside dead leaves, under old boards, and beneath wooden piles. They can be found in gardens, especially in soil and decaying matter. Centipedes eat insects. They love hunting spiders mostly. Centipedes can also feed on small invertebrates. Centipedes will even feed on their own kind.

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